[Air-L] Web Sites of Digital Rights Organizations?

Tim Libert tlibert at asc.upenn.edu
Sun Nov 30 13:27:30 PST 2014


I’m conducting an analysis of privacy-compromising (i.e. ‘tracking’) code on websites of digital rights organizations.  I am writing to ask for help in assembling a list of such sites - if you have suggestions for specific sites, or even better, know of a list of sites, please send to me.  In this case, “digital rights" may be broadly understood to incorporate free expression, privacy, FOSS, free culture, etc., and “organization” may be loosely applied to mean sites which are connected to a group which advocates or educates in areas in digital rights.  News websites, topical blogs, and the like are out of scope for this project.

Thanks in advance,

Tim Libert

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