[Air-L] Countering Online Extremism Conference 8-9 April 2015

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The Semantica Research Countering Online Extremism Conference brings
together scholars, public policy professionals and business leaders from
around the world to share insights, advice, and techniques on countering
online extremism. From terrorism to cyberbullying, the Countering Online
Extremism Conference will explore the contemporary nature of online
extremism in all its forms and how it can be mitigated.

At this conference, you will discover new insights and techniques that will
aid your professional development, grow your business and enhance your
understanding related to the nature of, and solutions to, countering online

The Countering Online Extremism Conference provides an opportunity for
policymakers, scholars, and decision-makers to share ideas, obtain
innovative insights and share access to resources that will benefit the
community as a whole. We aim to promote international cooperation and
constructive dialogue on the issues discussed between online extremism
experts and professionals actively working in this field.

The Countering Online Extremism Conference 2015 is a two-day conference at
Senate House in London, including extensive presentations and in-depth panel
discussions on all aspects of online extremism, an area for workshops where
world leading companies and experts provide masterclasses on how best to
mitigate the threat of online extremism, together with online and in-person
networking opportunities where delegates can establish valuable professional
relationships. All attendees will leave with enduring knowledge of the
contemporary nature of online extremism issues and a wealth of new contacts.

The conference will be located at Senate House, London between 8-9 April
2015. In addition, participants unable to make the journey will be able to
purchase an online ticket to view the talks either live or at a time of
their choosing. Both the online and in-person events are will be
Call for Papers
Those people who are keen on presenting a paper at the conference are
requested to submit their abstract of 300 words in length to info [at]
semanticaresearch [dot] com by March 15 2015. If the abstract is accepted,
submission of the original paper is expected. Participants who have not
submitted their papers by the deadline will not be permitted to give a
presentation in the symposium.

All abstracts will be evaluated by an academic committee.

Selected papers will be published in our  book of thematic compilation on
Countering Online Extremism with the consent of the authors.

Possible topics for discussion include the following:
* Online Extremism: What Is its Offline Impact?
* How Can the Public and Private Sectors Combine to Counter Online
* Online Radicalisation
* The Internet as a recruitment Tool for Violent Extremist Groups
* Methodologies for extremism-related Internet research (network analysis,
data mining, etc.)
* Young People and Online Extremism
* Gender and Online Extremism
* Sexual Orientation and Online Extremism
* Case Studies of Online Extremism on Specific Online Platforms (e.g.
Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
* Policy Responses to Online Extremism
* Ethical issues on online extremism-related research
* Online Extremism and New Technologies
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