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Call for Papers – International Journal of E-Politics (IJEP)
Themed Special Issue 
Wired Body and Watching through Technology

The technologically-wired body and its ability to capture, record and bear witness remain an area of growing scholarly interest. The wired body as a site of pervasive consumption, gaze and mnemonic memory making presents the possibilities to re-interrogate the corporeal; both its technological subjectivity and its ability to be ‘transformed’ as a witness through the act of watching, recording devices and publishing platforms. How is the corporeal body reframed as a political entity through this phenomenon?  How do we understand technology’s power to replicate a ‘moment’ or the notion of pervasive watching and capture through technology? How does it relate to truth, authenticity, re-configuration of the real or how we define witnessing in a technologically-mediated age? Have we falsely attributed the concept of the witness to the technologically-mediated body when our power to gaze at another is too pervasive to be distinct in a convergent world? How has technology mediated truth and social reality in recent political events and in spaces of trauma? What does it mean to capture moments of personal trauma or to publish these in public platforms?
We invite theoretical and empirical contributions for a themed special issue. Suggested topics include but are not limited to; 
•	Bearing witness through technology
•	The body as a site of recording and dissemination
•	Event creation through the public gaze
•	Visual culture and witnessing through technology
•	Media event and the wired body
•	The Politics of authenticity and witnessing 
•	Ethical dimensions of e-witnessing
•	Legal and ethical dimensions of non-stop capture
•	The wired body and power of technological gaze

All submissions are due by 30th August 2015.
All queries to
Yasmin Ibrahim y.ibrahim at qmul.ac.uk
Full papers to be submitted electronically, 
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