[Air-L] Call for Panel, International Association for the Study of Commons, Regional European Meeting 2016, Bern

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Tue Nov 10 05:32:20 PST 2015

Of potential interest to AIR colleagues working on the digital commonsŠ

>*Call for Panels, Papers, and Posters *
>*for IASC Regional European Meeting, *
>*Bern, Switzerland, 10-13 May 2016 *
>*Commons in a ³Glocal² World: *
>*Global Connections and Local Responses*
>Venue: University of Bern, Main Building
>Organized by the Institute of Social Anthropology (ISA), the Centre for
>Development and Environment (CDE), and the Institute of Geography (IG)
>in collaboration with the Institute of History the World Trade Institute
>(WTI), University of Bern, Switzerland
>Main theme: Global Connections and Local Responses Research on the
>commons deals either with the development of institutions for the
>management of the commons, or with issues related to global change.
>While the latter mainly focusses on drivers and effects of global
>expansion of capitalist modes of production, consumption, and societal
>reproduction, research on institutions for the management of the commons
>deals with collective action and the effects and reactions within local
>action arenas. However, the entangled institutional processes through
>which global and local arenas ­ referred to as ³glocal² ­ interlock are
>not yet addressed in a systematic way. Europe has been a major driver of
>³glocal² processes. Therefore, the 4th Regional European Meeting of the
>IASC is devoted to global connections and local responses. It provides a
>space to advance our understanding of ongoing ³glocal² processes and to
>analyse historically how commons in Europe have evolved and adapted to
>³glocal² changes. By integrating political ecology with approaches of
>New Institutionalism and Critical Theory in Anthropology, Human
>Geography, Political Science and History, we propose to investigate the
>impacts of external changes on the perception and evaluation of
>resources by actors related to the commons. This raises the question of
>local bargaining power, ideologies and discourses, and of the selection
>and crafting of institutional designs, which in turn affect the access
>to common-pool resources, as well as the distribution of benefits
>related to the management of these resources.
>This conference therefore aims to look at the interfaces between local
>and global processes in order to bring together research arenas that
>have often been kept quite separate until now. We therefore call for
>contributions focussing on:
>€ how global players such as multinational companies and organizations
>affect local governance of the commons worldwide
>€ the role of international law and global trade in shaping the
>interface between global actors and institutional processes of local
>commons governance
>€ the impacts of external economic and political changes on the
>perception and evaluation of resources and areas by actors related to
>the commons
>€ local resistance and the development of political strategies
>countering the transformation of collective into private or state-based
>property rights as a consequence of economic and political changes
>€ the local crafting of institutional designs in global and local
>arenas, and how these affect access to and distribution of natural
>resources and related benefits among local to global actors using the
>€ how the encounter of global and local processes affect bargaining
>power, ideologies and discourses of global and local actors in governing
>sustainability trade-offs.
>We especially welcome contributions that aim to address the above
>mentioned themes through novel forms of integrating theoretical
>approaches. In addition, the focus of the conference will be on a
>dialogue among representatives of different academic disciplines (e.g.
>geography, social anthropology, history, development studies, economics,
>political science, and law) and between academics and non-academic
>actors (e.g. practitioners, business representatives, policy makers, or
>For any additional information, please
>*Deadline for submitting panel abstracts is November 15, 2015 *
>Please send your panel abstract (500 words) with at least two potential
>In case you have a single paper or a poster this can also be submitted
>at this deadline. A second call for papers related to the panels will
>follow on November 15, 2015
>Please submit your abstract via the IASC Conference Registration Module:
>Please contact us if you have questions: iasc-europe-2016 at cde.unibe.ch
>Silke Helfrich

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