[Air-L] Big data and social media analysis courses (R, gephi, NodeXL) - Canberra Jan 2016, Melbourne Feb 2016

Robert Ackland robert.ackland at anu.edu.au
Thu Nov 12 21:13:28 PST 2015

The following short courses run by the VOSON Lab in the ACSPRI Summer 
Program 2016 (https://www.acspri.org.au/summerprogram2016) may be of 
interest to this list.

The early-bird discount close this coming Wednesday 18th November.

*Big Data Analysis for Social Scientists *
This course introduces you to the collection and analysis of 
socially-generated 'big data' using the R statistical software and Gephi 
network visualisation software. The focus is on programmatic approaches 
for collecting and analysing big data from social media and the WWW. The 
course will also provide an opportunity for you to learn how these data 
and techniques are already being used in social science research.  The 
course involves the use of a R package (soon to be released publicly) 
for collecting data from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram via 
free APIs, and constructing datasets ready for network and text analysis.

18-22 January, Canberra.  Instructors: Tim Graham, Haris Memic. See: 
8-12 February, Melbourne.  Instructor: Robert Ackland.  See: 

*Social Media Analysis**
*This course will provide students with an introduction to social media 
analysis in the context of social research.  The course provides an 
introduction to both social network analysis and text analysis, and is 
designed for non-programmers.  The course provides practical training in 
three software tools that can be used for social research using digital 
trace data: NodeXL (Excel template for collecting and analysing social 
media data), Gephi (for network visualisation), and VOSON (for hyperlink 
network construction and analysis). The course also provides a broad 
overview of online research methods, including an introduction to using 
Virtual Worlds (e.g. Second Life and Massively Multiplayer Online Games) 
and online experiments for social research.

1-5 February, Melbourne.  Instructor: Robert Ackland.  See: 


Dr Robert Ackland
Associate Professor, School of Sociology and ANU Centre for Social 
Research and Methods
Leader, Virtual Observatory for the Study of Online Networks (VOSON) Lab 
Australian National University

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