[Air-L] Anybody workiing assessing web sites for accessibility and safe browsing

Peter Timusk peterotimusk at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 10:22:49 PST 2015

I wonder if anyone is interested in working on a study with me independently
(I am outside of a school research program at least funding wise. My
employer also would not support my work on this.) on this theme.?


My paper idea for #IR17 or #IR18 ( I like the idea of going to Estonia).
News and entertainment web sites and poor design for accessibility and safe
browsing: a survey of North American Entertainment Media websites from a
code and performance quality perspective.


I would welcome help with constructing a sampling frame list of web sites
that would be better than my own subjective understanding "North American
Entertainment Media websites".  I would like to have a large sample that
produces more than a 1000 web site study units. Given underlying web code
may be in English perhaps the sample could work more internationally but
there my socio-cultural knowledge would fail to know what web sites are
what. May be every world cities (> 100,000 people) former print newspaper's
current web site.


I would also welcome another coder like myself who would like to help with
downloading/scrapping  web site code or other ways of seeing the web sites
like inaccessible colour schemes or suspicious linking and autoplay
features. The artifacts  from these web sites would then show poor design
and we would otherwise analysis the code or web site designs in an
accessibility  and code performance assessment. I may have my own
limitations with understanding how web site construction affects performance
and accessibility though I do read and follow accessibility in web design.
May be someone who knows design philosophy could be helpful constructing the


The results would be useful for a number of uses including building better
web sites in the future and assessing just how badly old media like city
newspapers have become online. Of course we could produce statistics like
most commonly used web design content management systems etc. or most
commonly used colour.

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