[Air-L] Ideas? extracting posts and responses from a private Facebook group

Tracey P. Lauriault tlauriau at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 11:07:04 PST 2015

Greetings all!

I have a colleague with the following query?  Any ideas?

I need to find the easiest possible way of extracting posts and
responses from a private Facebook group. I am a member of this group
and  I have permission from the administrators to access the posts for
the purposes of my research. I’ll likely be using NVivo to help
qualitatively analyze the posts. But, since I want to extract about a
year’s worth of posts and responses, and it’s a fairly busy group, to
do this manually is unmanageable.

I’m wondering if there’s software out there to help me do this or if
there’s a third-party I might be able to hire to help me with this
work. The problem seems to stem from the fact it’s a private vs. a
public Facebook group.


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