[Air-L] VOSON SocialMediaLab R package now available

Robert Ackland robert.ackland at anu.edu.au
Thu Nov 26 04:19:19 PST 2015

SocialMediaLab is an R package that provides a suite of tools for 
collecting and constructing networks from social media data. It provides 
easy-to-use functions for collecting data across popular platforms 
(Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) and generating different 
types of networks for analysis.  SocialMediaLab also collects the 
associated text data from social media platforms (e.g. Tweets, Facebook 
fan page posts and comments, YouTube video comments).

SocialMediaLab was created by Timothy Graham from the University of 
Queensland (who is also the maintainer of the package) and Robert 
Ackland from the Australian National University.

The latest 'official' version of the package can be found here: 

The development version, support and further information can be found 
here: https://github.com/voson-lab/SocialMediaLab

Also, see the SocialMediaLab page on the VOSON Lab website: 
http://voson.anu.edu.au/SocialMediaLab - this has several "how to" 
guides, including an "Absolute Beginners Guide to SocialMediaLab" 
tutorial aimed at people with little or no programming experience.

The following 5-day course (Canberra, 18-22 January 2016) will have a 
strong focus on SocialMediaLab: 

We are also available for in-house/customised training sessions!

SocialMediaLab would not be possible without key packages by other 
authors in the R community, particularly: igraph, Rfacebook, instaR, 
twitteR, data.table, tm, and httr.

Please feel free to send us suggestions and report bugs (via github 
page), and we welcome contributions to SocialMediaLab!


Dr Robert Ackland
Associate Professor, School of Sociology and Centre for Social Research 
and Methods
Leader, Virtual Observatory for the Study of Online Networks (VOSON) Lab 
Australian National University

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