[Air-L] CfP: Workshop on Ethical and Obligations for Studying Digital Communities (ACM GROUP '16)

Casey Lynn Fiesler Casey.Fiesler at Colorado.EDU
Wed Aug 3 08:20:37 PDT 2016

Hello!  I wanted to share a call for participation for an upcoming workshop at GROUP in November. The focus is on research ethics for studying online communities, one in a series of workshops at social computing related conferences to expand our discussion of research ethics,
and we’re hoping for a number of different disciplinary perspectives. The submission requirements are intentionally lightweight, and GROUP is also a fantastic venue and community! 

The deadline for (short!) submissions is August 12.

“Ethics and Obligations for Studying Digital Communities"
Many of the most prominent and unanswered ethical questions within HCI and social computing involve our ethical obligation to the communities that we study. Some of these questions fall under the purview of more traditional human subjects research ethics, but others hinge on when, for example, studies of public data trigger similar obligations. Basic rules to “do no harm” are complicated in digital communities by issues of consent and privacy, and ethics review boards are struggling to keep up even as research communities are similarly struggling to form appropriate norms. The goals of this workshop are to continue seeding conversations about research ethics within the SIGCHI community, to work towards norm setting, and in the meantime, to collectively help community members make good ethical decisions about research into sociotechnical systems and digital communities. 

More information about format and submissions here: https://sociotechethics.wordpress.com/group-2016-ethics-workshop/

This workshop will be held in Sanibel Island, FL as part of the 2016 ACM Conference on Supporting Group Work, November 13-16.  Website: http://group2016.org

Please feel free to email me with any questions!  We would love to see some of you in Florida in November.


Casey Fiesler
Assistant Professor, Information Science
University of Colorado, Boulder


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