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Lia-Paschalia Spyridou lia.spyridou at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 09:37:10 PDT 2016

Greetings, colleagues,

Hope your summer is going well.

The University of Cyprus invites applications for one (1) tenured
appointment at the rank of Professor or Associate Professor in the field of
Journalism and Mass Media

Please see below for more info.
Best wishes,
Lia Spyridou

Lia-Paschalia Spyridou, MA, PhD
Coordinator of the BA in Journalism
Department of Social and Political Sciences
University of Cyprus
tel.: +357.22894598
email: lia at ucy.ac.cy


The University of Cyprus (Department of Social and Political Sciences)
invites applications for one (1) tenured appointment at the rank of
Professor or Associate Professor
in the field of «Journalism And Mass Media»

For all academic ranks, an earned Doctorate from a recognized University is

Requirements for appointment depend on academic rank and include: prior
academic experience, research record and scientific contributions,
involvement in teaching and in the development of high quality
undergraduate and graduate curricula. The minimum requirements for each
academic rank can be found at the webpage:


The official languages of the University are Greek and Turkish.  For the
above positions knowledge of Greek is necessary.

Citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus is not a requirement.

In case the selected candidate does not have sufficient knowledge of the
Greek language, it is the selected candidate΄s and the Department΄s
responsibility to ensure that the selected academic acquires sufficient
knowledge of the Greek language within 3 years of appointment. Each
Department sets its own criteria for the required level of adequacy of
knowledge of the Greek language.

The annual gross salary (including the 13th salary), according to the
current legislation, is:

Associate Professor                            (Scale A14-A15)
€61.830,60 - €84.295,77

Professor                                            (Scale A15 A16)
€70.106,27 - €91.128,05

*Salary scale classification of academic personnel appointed at the ranks
of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor. *

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Regarding the above position announcements, and in
conformity with “The Non-Granting of Increases and Indexation Allowances to
the Salaries Received by  Officials and Employees and to the Pensions
Received by Pensioners of the Government Service and the Wider Public
Sector (Amendment) Law 2014” (N. 73(Ι)/2014), entered into force on
20/06/2014, the University of Cyprus is obliged to classify newly-appointed
academic personnel on the basis of the provisions of Article 4Α(1), as

*“An appointee who is not employed in the Government Service or in the
wider public sector at the date this Law enters into force, and who is
appointed to a position of First Appointment and Promotion with the same
title and the same salary conditions as that of an employee of the
government service or the wider public sector, as appropriate, whose
salary, pursuant to the provisions of this Law, remains lower than the
initial grade of the salary scale or the fixed salary of his/her
appointment or promotion position, shall receive, for the duration of the
term of validity of this Law, this lower salary. It is understood that …”

On the basis of the above, a candidate applying for an academic position,
who is not employed in the government service or in the wider public sector
and is elected/appointed to a position at the rank of Assistant Professor,
Associate Professor, or Professor, shall receive, according to Law N.
Article 4Α(1), the lowest salary received by existing academic personnel
who have recently been promoted to the rank of Assistant Professor,
Associate Professor, or Professor.

Applications must be submitted by *Monday, 17th of October 2016. *The
dossiers must include *two (2) sets* of the following documents in printed
and electronic form (i.e., two (2) hardcopies and two (2) CDs with the
documents in PDF (Portable Document Format) or Word files).

   1. Cover letter stating the Department, the field of study, the academic
   rank(s) for which the candidate applies, and the date on which the
   candidate could assume duties if selected.
   2.   Curriculum Vitae.


   1. Brief summary of previous research work and a statement of plans for
   future research (up to 1500 words).

   1. List of publications.

   1. Copies of the three most representative publications.

   1. Copies of Degree certificates should be scanned and included in the

   1. Applicants must ask three academic referees to send recommendation
   letters in PDF form, directly from their e-mail account to the University,
   at references at ucy.ac.cy   Τhe names and contact details of these
   referees must be indicated in the application, because additional
   confidential information may be requested.

   1. The Curriculum Vitae and the statements of previous work and future
   research plans should be written in Greek or in Turkish, and in one
   international language, preferably English.

Selected candidates will be required to submit copies of degree
certificates officially certified by the Ministry of Education (for
certificates received from Universities in Cyprus) or from the Issuing
Authority (for foreign Universities).

Applications, supporting documents and reference letters submitted in
response to previous calls in the past *will not be considered and must be

*Applications not conforming to the specifications of the call, will not be

All application material must be delivered by hand to:

*Human Resources Service*

*University** of Cyprus*

*University Campus*

*Council/Senate Anastasios G Leventis Building*

*P.O. Box** 20537*

*1678 Nicosia, Cyprus*

*Tel. 22894158/4155*

*By Monday, 17th of October 2016**, 2:00 p.m.*.  Alternatively,
applications can be sent by post; they will be accepted as valid as long as
the sealed envelopes are post-marked up to the deadline of October 17,
2016, and they reach the Human Resources Service by October 24, 2016, on
the sole responsibility of the applicant.

It is noted that for the period 15/08/2016 to 19/08/2016 the Administration
Services of the University of Cyprus will be closed for the summer
vacations.  Consequently, the Human Resources Service will not be able to
receive applications during the above mentioned period.

For more information, candidates may contact the Human Resources Service
(tel.: 00357 22 89 4158/4155) or the Department of Social and Political
Sciences (00357 22 89 4561/60).

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