[Air-L] PostDoc Fellowship Opportunity at Internet Governance Lab/American University

Nanette Levinson nlevins at american.edu
Thu Aug 4 07:58:36 PDT 2016


   Prof. Derrick Cogburn, Prof. Laura and I are seeking a postdoctoral
   fellow to join us this coming academic year at the Internet Governance
   Lab at American University in Washington, DC.

   More information here and
   attached: [1]https://jobs.american.edu/JobPosting.aspx?JPID=5829

   We would greatly appreciate your help distributing this far and wide to
   your various networks. (We apologize also for any cross posting.)
   Please reach out directly to one of us if you have any questions.

   Best, Nanette

   Nanette S. Levinson
   Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
   School of International Service
   American University
   Washington, DC 20016-8071
   nlevins at american.edu


   1. https://jobs.american.edu/JobPosting.aspx?JPID=5829

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