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Dear colleagues,
The "Handbook on the Economics of the Internet", edited by Prof. Johannes M. Bauer, Michigan State University, and Prof. Michael Latzer, University of Zurich, is now available at Edward Elgar. http://www.e-elgar.com/shop/handbook-on-the-economics-of-the-internet

In this book, leading authors discuss theoretical frameworks for the study of the economics of the Internet and its unique economics as a global information and communications infrastructure. They also examine the effects of the Internet on economic transactions (including social production, advertising, innovation, and intellectual property rights), the economics and management of Internet-based industries (including search, news, entertainment, culture, and virtual worlds), and the effects of the Internet on the economy at large.
The first chapter can be read for free here: http://www.elgaronline.com/abstract/9780857939845.xml

S. Aggarwal, C. Antonelli, H. Asghari, J.M. Bauer, S. Bauer, Y. Benkler, S.M. Besen, I. Brown, E. Castronova, D.D. Clark, C. Corrado, C. Feijóo, D.L. Garcia, J.-L. Gómez-Barroso, C. Handke, J. Haucap, K. Hollnbuchner, N. Just, G. Knieps, I. Knowles, J.J. Kranz, L. Küng, M. Latzer, W.H. Lehr, Y.-L. Liu, W. Ma, P. Mazepa, V. Mosco, N. Newman, E.M. Noam, P.P. Patrucco, R. Picard, A. Picot, G. Sadowsky, F. Saurwein, V. Schneider, S.J. Schultze, R. Sherman, P. Stepan,T. Stühmeier, R. Towse, B. Van Ark, M. Van Eeten, B. Van Schewick, H.R. Varian, D. Waterman, R.S. Whitt, S.S. Wildman, S. Wunsch-Vincent
Critical Acclaim:

‘Internet development dynamics are tackled in this Handbook by leading scholars representing mainstream, institutional, evolutionary economics and political economy perspectives. They show how complex markets for digital technologies and services are evolving. Crucially, they demonstrate why conventional analytical tool kits need to be extended by bridging disciplinary boundaries. This volume offers significant advances in the analysis of technological and institutional change and demonstrates how important it is to acknowledge conflict resolution and tradeoffs as essential aspects of the internet’s history and its future.’

Robin Mansell, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

'The Internet has transformed many fundamental economic facts of life and business, but it is challenging to catalogue them all. This topic deserves a comprehensive handbook, and the editors have delivered. The chapters are engaging and lucid, and cover a wide range of topics. The editors were not shy about spanning boundaries between technical detail, economic analysis, and policy relevance. This is a great resource for any modern scholar of the Internet.'

Shane Greenstein, Harvard Business School, US

Prof. Michael Latzer, IPMZ - University of Zurich,
Chair, Media Change & Innovation Division 

* Bauer, J. M./Latzer, M. eds. (2016). Handbook on the Economics of the Internet. Edward Elgar.  

* Just, N./Latzer, M. (2016). Governance by Algorithms: Reality Construction by Algorithmic Selection on the Internet. In: Media, Culture & Society. (Top Faculty Paper Award of the International Communications Association’s CLAP Division, Fukuoka 2016)

* Büchi, M./Just, N./Latzer, M. (2015). Modeling the second-level digital divide: A five-country study of social differences in Internet use. In: New Media & Society. (Best Paper Award, Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research Conference 2015)

* Saurwein, F./Just, N./Latzer, M. (2015). Governance of Algorithms: Options and Limitations. In: Info. (Outstanding Paper in the 2016 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence)

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