[Air-L] diverse US pubTV programs under attack--support response?

Patricia Aufderheide pat.aufderheide at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 16:45:46 PDT 2017

I hope that US members of AIR would consider lending an academic's voice to
the support for creative, diverse documentaries, which Rep. Andy Harris
(R-MD) just used as a reason to defund public broadcasting. All the info is
in this release
from the International Documentary Association and Indiecaucus.
I'm on the board of the Independent Television Service and have seen all
these films, which are sterling examples of experiential documentaries
about complex and underreported issues.
I also, like some of you, have spent way too much time learning endless
acronyms in an attempt to understand how public media function in the media
flows that inform, or don't, our civil societies. The studies Caty Borum
Chattoo and I recently did on diversity in US documentary programming are
referred to in the release.
While this is to one side of strictly academic issues, I hope that it will
be seen as an acceptable post, given the connection between public media
practice and research.
Thank you.

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