[Air-L] Displaying All YouTube Comments?

Claudia Nazario cnazario at email.arizona.edu
Mon Apr 24 09:46:15 PDT 2017

Hello all,

Is anyone aware of how to display all pages/comments a video has received
on YouTube at the same time (instead of clicking on "Show More" to load
additional comments)?

I want to use a web tool to analyze the comments, but need all comments
visible simultaneously.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions and/or alternatives.


Claudia Nazario

Ph.D. Candidate, Spanish & Portuguese

University of Arizona

At the University of Arizona, "Anyone who directly witnesses a bias or hate
incident, believes they are a victim of bias or hate activity, or becomes
aware of an incident of bias or hate are encouraged to report the incident
to the Dean of Students Office and/or UAPD. Reports may be made

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