[Air-L] Motivational sentences

María González Aguado mariagaguado at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 06:06:40 PDT 2017

Dear list members,

I'm working on how people use Instagram to recover from an eating disorder.
I'm conducting an ethnography and come continually across motivational
sentences with self-care and self-help advice. In fact, there are accounts
aimed exclusively at producing and disseminating this type of images. I've
looked for literature on this matter, but didn't find anything relevant.
Any reference or details about people working or ongoing research projects
in this matter will be highly appreciated.

I will also really appreciate if you could give me any suggestions of
literature or tell me about people and projects on how therapists and
recovered patients use social nets to help others recover as an actual job

Thank you a lot in advance.

Best wishes,

María González Aguado
Research Fellow- Department of Sociology
University of Leicester
University Road

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