[Air-L] Psychological implications of AI

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Hi Salvatore (and all)!

Providing some more information regarding your question or area of interest may be helpful to direct you toward the best resources:

1) What type of AI are you studying? There is no universally agreed upon conceptualization of AI. As a result, there are many different types of AI. There is the pursuit of "artificial general intelligence," which is what is often represented, or should I say misrepresented, in science fiction. Then there are applications that have spun out of these efforts or are developed for very specific contexts called "narrow AI."  We have "narrow AI" and have made advances toward AGI, but do not have AGI or what was originally conceptualized as AI early within the field's foundation. Or, are you studying the "idea of AI."

2) It seems like you may be interested in how individuals respond to and behave toward specific AI, is this correct? Or are you talking at an organizational level, a societal level?

If you can answer these questions, I know many people on this list can provide you more specific direction. And if you aren't sure of the answers to these questions, I have resources for that too.

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Hello everyone,

I am looking for suggestions about books and articles which specifically
deal with the psychological implications of Artificial Intelligence.

There are many articles, books and web resources which deal with what AI
can do, what are the dangers, the ethical issues etc

But there are only a few which confront with the psychological impact on
human beings when AI enters the scene.

Can anybody suggest some titles/resources?


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