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Improve your training in technology, security and privacy with this masters
online. Enrollment is open untill September 30th!

Open enrollment for our Master and Postgraduate courses!

Master’s degree with* European University accreditation* (*UdG*)

Aimed for *academics* and *professionals*

*Bilingua*l: Lessons in English and Assignements in Spanish or English

*100% online* with international teachers active in the sector

Option for* working internships *at Eticas Research & Consulting

*Technology and Security <http://technologyandsecurity.info/>*

Technology is an increasingly important element of security policies and
practices. Contemporary security practices are heavily reliant on *sensory
technologies *such as video cameras and automated tools for data mining and
tracking. There is a growing *need for public policy on security *to take
into account questions of technology, particularly relating to how policies
can be democratically designed, how technologies can be designed to account
for their societal impacts, and how security policy can reflect a society
in which interaction increasingly takes place online and through the
treatment of personal data.
*Enroll now!*

*Technology and Privacy  <http://technologyandprivacy.info/>*


In the realm of privacy and data protection, the emergence of a
Europeanized data protection framework -*GDPR*- and the rapid growth of
IT-enabled data surveillance and mining mean that the management of privacy
is now increasingly professionalized. Chief Privacy Officers, Privacy
managers and technologists are now commonplaces across the private sector
as well as in public authorities. Privacy policies remain unevenly
implemented, and there is a growing* need and high demand for analysts and
practitioners *at the intersection of privacy and technology. Don't think
it twice and make a change!
*Enroll now!*

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