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Indrek Ibrus ibrus at tlu.ee
Thu Sep 21 14:58:45 PDT 2017

Dear AoIR community, 

this is the final reminder that immediately before AoIR in Tartu another event will take place in Tallinn - the sixth annual International Symposium on Media Innovations (ISMI) that will take place 16-17 October in Tallinn University.

The focus of ISMI is on the dynamics of change in all kinds of contemporary media. The symposium explores how the complex interrelationships between changing technologies, economic environment, modes of usage or policy imperatives bring about the transformation of the media industry. The symposium works towards a dialogue between media industries and academic media resereach.

"Towards Deepening Inequalities or Enhanced Human Flourishing?”, Prof. Robin Mansell, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
"Creative Destruction in the Screen Industries and Implications for Policy" - Prof. Stuart Cunningham, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

The rest of the programme can be found here: http://media.voog.com/0000/0040/2233/files/Programme-1.pdf

Registration is open: http://medit.tlu.ee/events/ismi-2017/registration

All other details about the event: http://medit.tlu.ee/events/ismi-2017

Indrek Ibrus

Professor of media innovation, Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (BFM), Tallinn University
Head at MEDIT (Tallinn University Centre of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture)
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Email: indrek.ibrus at tlu.ee

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