[Air-L] Researching the Researchers at AoIR2018

Dr. Strangelove Michael at Strangelove.com
Mon Feb 12 12:17:26 PST 2018


Given that AoIR2018 is being held in my backyard this year I am 
contemplating attending and pursing an ethnographic study of Internet 

I am particularly interested in gathering impressions of what 
researchers think the near future of the Internet (and society) is 
headed, current trends in theory and method, and otherwise getting 
inside the head of the Internet research community. Who are we, what do 
we do, and why do we do it.

Along with the usual interviews and surveys I will likely use my video 
camera to created a documentary on the researchers themselves.

I thought it would be fruitful to begin this research project by calling 
on input from the AoIR community for suggestions on further research 

So I'll kick off the project now with a call for input from list members.


Dr. Michael Strangelove

University of Ottawa

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