[Air-L] Georgetown Law Symposium on the Governance and Regulation of Information Platforms

Julie Cohen jec at law.georgetown.edu
Mon Feb 12 13:13:56 PST 2018

 Dear All,

Next Friday, Feb 23, we will be hosting a daylong symposium on "The
Governance and Regulation of Information Platforms" here at Georgetown Law.
The symposium is organized by myself, Paul Ohm, and the Georgetown
Institute for Technology Law and Policy.

The day will be structured into four panels:

Governance by and of Platforms (9:15-10:45): This panel will explore some
of the big-picture questions surrounding how platforms govern their own
operations and how the legal system might approach platform-related
governance challenges. ​

Problems of Access and Entry (11:00-12:30): This panel will address the
roles that platforms play in structuring access to information and to
markets and the ongoing debates about net neutrality regulation and
antitrust oversight.

Problems of Fact and Value (1:45-3:15): This panel will consider the roles
that platforms play in amplifying conspiracy theories, false information,
harassment, and hate; the roles they might play in mitigating those
problems; and the feasibility and desirability of more (or different) legal

Coding Regulation vs. Regulating Code (3:30-5:00) This panel will explore
the technical and legal questions that surround the difficult project of
ensuring algorithmic accountability.

You can find more detail including the names of the speakers and their
biographies here <http://www.georgetowntech.org/platforms>. If you are in
DC, we would love to have you join us. You can register via the conference

All best,

Julie E. Cohen
Mark Claster Mamolen Professor of Law and Technology
Georgetown Law

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