[Air-L] digital trans reading list

Oliver Haimson ohaimson at uci.edu
Mon Jan 1 11:16:02 PST 2018

 Happy new year everyone! In the past few years as I’ve been working on my
PhD research about gender transition and social media, I have compiled a
list of all of the published research I have come across about transgender
people and digital technology, digital and social media, and the
Internet. The list is on my website and is sortable by author, year, title,
item type, or publication venue:


I wanted to share my list with you all so that it can be a resource for
scholars who are also studying these topics, or who may want to start doing
research in this area!

I am certain that I am missing some important pieces, and I expect this
list to grow over time. Please email me (ohaimson at uci.edu) with additions,
and I will add them to the list.

Disclaimer: I have read most but not all of these pieces, and while most of
them are respectful and sensitive to trans people, some are not; yet I
include them on the list for the sake of completeness.

Oliver Haimson
PhD Candidate, Informatics, UC Irvine

recent publications:
- Relationship Breakup Disclosures and Media Ideologies on Facebook. O.L.
Haimson, N. Andalibi, M. De Choudhury, G.R. Hayes. *New Media & Society*.
- Changes in Social Media Affect, Disclosure, and Sociality for a Sample of
Transgender Americans in 2016's Political Climate. O.L. Haimson, G.R.
Hayes. *ICWSM 2017*.

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