[Air-L] feminist & care ethics in internet research?

Proferes, Nicholas J. nproferes at uky.edu
Wed Apr 3 10:59:09 PDT 2019

Hi all,

Though it's a bit more focused on the DH/archives side of things, I'd highly recommend Suomela, T., Chee, F., Berendt, B., & Rockwell, G. (2019). Applying an Ethics of Care to Internet Research: Gamergate and Digital Humanities. Digital Studies/Le champ numérique, 9(1). https://www.digitalstudies.org/articles/10.16995/dscn.302/



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Subject: [Air-L] feminist & care ethics in internet research?

Hi all,

As some of you know, this week aline shakti franzke is a guest
researcher with us here in Oslo, with a primary focus on pushing forward
our work on the Internet Research Ethics 3.0 documents.

Aline is working specifically on a module on feminist ethics and care
ethics as ethical frameworks and their application in IRE.

While I have a small bibliography of examples going back to the early
2000s, I'm wondering if / hoping that I can take advantage of the AoIR
community and simply ask: can you forward bibliographic information
regarding articles, chapters, etc. that include explicitly feminist and/
or care ethics approaches in application to specific ethical challenges
and difficulties in IRE?

In the spirit of recent threads, it would likely be quite interesting
and beneficent to simply reply to the list with your suggestions.

The resulting bibliography will be included as a resource in the IRE 3.0
documents; we will happily acknowledge individuals for your suggestions
and contributions.

Many thanks in advance for any contributions and suggestions you may be
able to offer.

best regards,
- charles ess
Professor in Media Studies
Department of Media and Communication
University of Oslo

Postboks 1093
Blindern 0317
Oslo, Norway
c.m.ess at media.uio.no
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