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Dear all,

Please find details below for an upcoming workshop on the Estonian Data Embassy and extraterritoriality of data, to be held in Tallinn, Estonia – 19-20th September 2019.

We have extended the deadline for abstract submissions. The deadline is now: Friday 12th July 2019.

Happy to answer any questions you might have re: theme, submissions etc.


Best wishes,
Nick Robinson

International Workshop on the Extraterritoriality of Data

19-20 September 2019

DigiGovLab, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech),
Tallinn, Estonia

This year will see the first Estonian Data Embassy open and fully operational in Luxembourg. The promise of extraterritorially storing backups of critical data and information systems (in so-called ‘data embassies’) - and operating them from a secure data centre outside of a State’s own territorial borders - will continue to elicit more interest from governments that are today faced with increasing, multifaceted uncertainties and disruptions: from cyber-attacks and natural hazards, to legitimate threats to State sovereignty and territorial integrity.

But in doing so, the Data Embassy begins to open up a much wider conversation at the intersection of cybersecurity, geopolitics and law. Debates are coalescing around the extraterritoriality of data (Eichensehr, 2017) - from nation-state claims over data sovereignty to disputes over jurisdiction when storing government data in the cloud - and the extensive impact this may have upon our long-held assumptions over contemporary politics, diplomacy and law.

To date, academic debate on extraterritorial data storage has remained scant - even more so when considering the conceptual nature of the data embassy. The aim of this workshop, therefore, is to bring together a wide variety of interdisciplinary voices and perspectives in order to drive forward this emerging agenda.

We invite paper contributions that discuss and address (not limited to) the following themes:

  *   Extraterritorial data storage
  *   Digital assets in the cloud
  *   Data sovereignty and the state
  *   Cloud computing, cybersecurity and law
  *   Geopolitics and international relations
     *   territory, statecraft, sovereignty, borders
  *   Data studies
     *   data sovereignty, data mobility, data privacy, data intangibility
  *   The Data Embassy and law
     *   Tallinn Manual, Vienna Conventions, legal continuity
  *   The Data Embassy and diplomacy
     *   digital diplomacy, diplomatic relations, the future of the embassy
  *   The Data Embassy in theory and practice
     *   digital continuity, monuments, & state
     *   governments-in-exile, disaster recovery
     *   cyberwarfare

Please prepare a 250-word abstract proposal, along with name and affiliation. Submissions must be made using the workshop’s EasyChair (https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=exda2019) system, which serves as the online system for the review process.

Key Dates

Abstract submission deadline: 12th July 2019

Abstract acceptance: 29 July 2019

Draft paper submission: 6 September 2019

Full paper submission: Discussed and agreed during workshop

Workshop information

The workshop will take place at TalTech University, Tallinn, Estonia, over two days between 19 and 20 September 2019. Hosted by TalTech’s DigiGovLab the workshop will take place on the campus of TalTech in Mustamäe, Tallinn.

Format of the Workshop

The format of the workshop will be a two-day meeting. No parallel sessions will be held, and sufficient room will be provided for informal communication.

Day 1 will begin after lunch and will open with a keynote, followed by a paper session and panel discussion. A workshop dinner will then follow in the evening.

Day 2 will begin with a keynote, followed by a paper session. After lunch, two more paper sessions will follow and the workshop will close with a participatory discussion on future steps for research. A full programme and schedule will be released in due course.


We plan to do a post-workshop publication. During the workshop the outlet will be discussed, and, a hard deadline will be set for full paper submissions.


TalTech University is located approx. 8 km outside of Tallinn city centre, and is easily accessible via public transport (bus or tram). You can also use a taxi from the centre or airport for approx. €10-15. Flights to Tallinn are common from most major European cities, with connections available from further afield.


Registration for the workshop is free.


Accommodation will not be provided. We strongly recommend attendees find accommodation in Tallinn city centre, with hotels and Airbnb’s widely available.

Workshop Organizers

Laura Kask (University of Tartu)

Robert Krimmer (TalTech, DigiGovLab)

Irene Kull (University of Tartu)

Innar Liiv (TalTech / CTGA, University of Oxford)

Nick Robinson (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Lorraine Weekes (independent scholar)

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