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Martin Zeilinger martin.j.zeilinger at gmail.com
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Hi Jill and everyone,

I missed a few messages, so this may have been mentioned already:

Ruth Catlow, of Furtherfield <https://furtherfield.org/> (London/UK), has done some interesting LARPing (some of it developed with Ben Vickers, curator of digital at The Serpentine). This was mostly done in the context of art/tech and financial activism, specifically in the ‘crypto’ realm – i.e., LARPs about designing/implementing crypto currencies. In other words, very tech-heavy context, but the LARP offers a way to generalise/abstract that and approach it from a more conceptual angle. I’m not sure to which extent these LARPing efforts are documented online (I know at least one is: it took place at MoneyLab #3 in Amsterdam in 2016). In any case, I could imagine that she’d be willing to share some ideas/materials regarding the process.

I’m currently in early stages developing a series of LARP workshops with Ruth, for participants aged roughly 15-25, on the concept of speculative futures of cashless societies and their community impact.

All best,

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> I've done LARPing, but more as a hobby. My professional focus is the use 
> of virtual worlds for education and corporate training. Our education 
> focus is both for university level and for younger students.
> I see yours as an interesting project both professionally and 
> personally. Please include me in further discussions of your LARP idea.
> Fred
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> On 6/27/2019 7:14 AM, Jill Walker Rettberg wrote:
>> Hello everyone - I just spent the week at a Larp camp (live action roleplaying) with my kids and absolutely loved it. I?m thinking a Larp about a near future drenched in ethical dilemmas about technology use might be brilliant for research dissemination, teaching, and maybe research too. Conveniently enough, it turns out two of the Larp writers  involved with the camp I was at have recently been hired by my university?s freshly renovated  museum  to facilitate dramatic participatory research dissemination, and they?re keen on developing a larp with me.
>> Do any of you have experience using larping in research dissemination or teaching at university level? Or do you know examples of technology-rich larps? Or have any other suggestions? We?re at a very, very early stage here :)
>> Jill
>> Professor of Digital Culture
>> University of Bergen
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