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Show images or  <http://news.ac-ibis.net/NLI/ViewHtmlEmail.aspx?a=4818C39C240B5BA253FAE92F6832813D&b=D561EC7F2BA64E16067344033AE366D0> view online










 <http://news.ac-ibis.net/C1F276C2F7B86E18CDDDD01EA4DC8C3037E34E2ED2B6F4244CD06FF23AF75807/D561EC7F2BA64E16067344033AE366D0/LE35> Data & Policy is a newly launched open access journal, dedicated to understanding the impact of data-driven technology on policy, governance and the public sector.
You can view the  <http://news.ac-ibis.net/51742C27BA890EBE1C6795787AA3990292995AD30D5BCFBAA5583B3A786DEA44/D561EC7F2BA64E16067344033AE366D0/LE35> Editorial Board for the international panel of experts overseeing the journal and the  <http://news.ac-ibis.net/AB1CC9DC7BD86DBE94F85EF3A4C2657D8CFB3C68B934F5646AD401C55EA7BFB2/D561EC7F2BA64E16067344033AE366D0/LE35> Call for Papers for the topics and types of contribution Data & Policy is seeking.
Freely available to read, share and distribute, Data & Policy welcomes contributors within and outside of academia. Thanks to  <http://news.ac-ibis.net/F80304EB4292850E3D2CE08A40BC6CEAF7824BA909659039CBF43896304501C9/D561EC7F2BA64E16067344033AE366D0/LE35> partnerships with UCL, the UK Office for National Statistics and the Alan Turing Institute, we are able to waive article processing charges for authors who do not have access to institutional or grant funds.
 <http://news.ac-ibis.net/0511CCF784452CD47E3C07007D069DEF3302CF1CF1FDEE3B9CB33D1286D89301/D561EC7F2BA64E16067344033AE366D0/LE35> Read an Editorial that introduces the purpose and goals of Data & Policy here.








Collaborate with Data & Policy:



*	Publish your research, case studies and commentaries
*	Curate a special collection of articles
*	Share your data, code and other materials
*	 <http://news.ac-ibis.net/3C581927EA4F825A8836C16AD8BBBB103DAAE310C8ADD6904186D11FFA81BFC0/D561EC7F2BA64E16067344033AE366D0/LE35> Blog on critical issues and key events
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