[Air-L] Any research on/with YouTube API?

Steven Clift slc at publicus.net
Mon Sep 23 19:08:58 PDT 2019

Version 2 of the TV News app will aggregate and organize access to over
1,000 video news channels on YouTube (leveraging the YouTube API with some
new tech to highlight hundreds of "live now" news streams):

If you want to make sure your favorite media outlet's YouTube channel is on
my radar, submit it here (we gather additional data like language):

If you like to kick the tires on beta apps, I'd love your feedback (on
Android via Google Play):




On Sat, Mar 30, 2019 at 6:16 PM Steven Clift <slc at publicus.net> wrote:

> I thought I'd mention that I received some quite useful off list replies.
> Now a new idea/offer ...
> Would anyone here like to do some data analysis on comparative YouTube
> adoption by television news stations.
> I am seeing some interesting trends that need some quantification:
> 1. How many videos does a channel upload each day? (I have a growing list
> of channels.)
> - How has that changed over time?
> - How does usage compare over time?
> - Comparing say the top ten global video channels how do they use YouTube
> differently? Viewership trends.
> I am particularly curious about why the BBC seems to put so little news
> video content on YouTube when produce so much? And why Scotland et al has
> so little BBC content shared with the wider world?
> Comparing "external services," I'd love to see how France 24 compares to
> VOA, RT, CTGN, etc. There is a big story perhaps in how poorly the VOA is
> leveraging YouTube especially with live streaming opportunities.
> 2. How do countries compare in terms of YouTube take up? India, Taiwan,
> Pakistan, and Latin America generally are on fire in terms of their use of
> YouTube for streaming live news video channels.
> I'd love to see some analysis about this over time.
> Anyway, I'd be glad to help share some of my growing data list on news
> channels on YouTube and ideas on what more to collect, analyze, and
> visualize. I'd love to crowd source more channel links with a multi-lingual
> group of grad students, etc.
> Thanks,
> Steven Clift
> P.S. People like the app - http://tvnewsapp.com - 4.7 rating, reached 500
> downloads quickly with little advertising, climbing the charts on Google
> Play for searches like "tv news" "news video" ... give them a try, search
> that then install http://play.google.com - I would guess just ten people
> searching that in a day and then selecting my app would bump the app up
> organically in search "ASO" as they called it.
> On Wed, Mar 6, 2019, 9:48 PM Steven Clift <slc at publicus.net> wrote:
>> So I stumbled into a developer who created one of those "floating"
>> YouTube music video players.
>> After six years of curating the original radio news "flash briefing," I
>> thought hey, why not try video.
>> Combining forces on Android (so far) we've come up with:
>>      http://tvnewsapp.com
>> So, here's the deal. The YouTube API is pretty darn interesting and I'd
>> love to connect with researchers who are experimenting with it.
>> I am interested in ways to better automate how to surface live news
>> streams. The app has scores of these. I never expected so many from so many
>> countries. Some countries clearly are all in with nearly all news channels
>> competing on Facebook while others while free on the web haven't joined the
>> YouTube club.
>> Anyway, get in touch if you've dug into the YouTube API. Heck perhaps we
>> can even collaborate.
>> Cheers,
>> Steven Clift
>> P.S. My 150K downloads radio news app: http://1radionews.com

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