[Air-L] New edited book: Disability, Media, and Representations: Other Bodies

Jacob Johanssen johanssenjacob at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 03:33:59 PDT 2020

 We are pleased to announce the publication of the edited book:
*Disability, Media, and Representations: Other Bodies*

Edited by Jacob Johanssen (St. Mary's University) and Diana Garrisi (Xi’an
Jiaotong-Liverpool University)
Routledge Research in Disability and Media Studies (Series Editor:
Professor Katie Ellis)


Bringing together scholars from around the world to research the
intersection between media and disability, this edited collection aims to
offer an interdisciplinary exploration and critique of print, broadcast and
online representations of physical and mental impairments.

Drawing on a wide range of case studies addressing how people can be
‘othered’ in contemporary media, the chapters focus on analyses of hateful
discourses about disability on Reddit, news coverage of disability and
education, media access of individuals with disabilities, the logic of
memes and brain tumour on Twitter, celebrity and Down Syndrome on
Instagram, disability in TV drama, the metaphor of disability for the
nation; as well as an autoethnography of treatment of breast cancer.
Providing a much-needed global perspective, Disability, Media, and
Representations examines the relationship between self-representation and
representations in either reinforcing or debunking myths around disability,
and ways in which academic discourse can be differently articulated to
study the relationship between media and disability.

This book will be of interest to students and researchers of disability
studies and media studies as well as activists and readers engaged in
debates on diversity, inclusivity and the media.

*Table of Contents:*
1. Introduction - Diana Garrisi and Jacob Johanssen
2. ‘The Stuff of Nightmares’: Representations of Disability on the Online
Bulletin Board Reddit - Leah Burch
3.Madeline Stuart as Disability Advocate and Brand: Exploring the Affective
Economies of Social Media - Maria Bee Christensen-Strynø and Camilla Bruun
4. Losing Someone Like Us: Memetic Logics and Coping with Brain Tumours on
Social Media - Samira Rajabi
5. Inscribing Comedy in the Breast Cancer Narrative. Disease,
Autoethnography and Black Humour - Rachel Velody
6. Knowing North Korea through Photographs of Abled/Disabled Bodies in
Western News - Micky Lee
7. Disabled Heroines: Representations of Female Disability in Japanese
Television Dramas - Anne-Lise Mithout
8. The Education of Children with Disabilities in South African Online News
Reports - Elizabeth Walton and Judith McKenzie
9. Mass Media Use by Individuals with Disabilities in Germany Compared to
the United Kingdom - Ingo Bosse and Annegret Haage

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