[Air-L] Purchaing historical tweets

Sugar, Benjamin Nathan bsugar at iu.edu
Tue Mar 24 14:14:16 PDT 2020

Hi Seongho,

If your query is within the last 36 months, then no purchase necessary!

Check out OSoMe: The Observatory of Social Media<https://rapidapi.com/truthy/api/osome-observatory-on-social-media-1/details>, a project from Indiana University that has been permitted to archive the so called decahose (10% of the public timeline).  In addition to the tweet archive, OSoMe also has a number of other…er...awesome tools<https://osome.iuni.iu.edu/tools/>.

You simply specify what you’re looking for, and it will return a list of tweet id’s which you can “rehydrate” using a number of libraries.  Fortunately, the libraries I was going to recommend (Twarc<https://github.com/DocNow/twarc>) has recently been turned into a stand alone app called Hydrator which an be downloaded here<https://github.com/DocNow/hydrator/releases>.  Both are a part of the Documenting the Now Project<https://www.docnow.io/>


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