[Air-L] Advice for Converting to Online Conference Format during Covid Crisis

Joly MacFie joly at punkcast.com
Sat Mar 28 02:00:34 PDT 2020

A couple of thoughts.

One thing to be aware of is the recent spate of "zoombombing", possibly
perpetrated by bots, where strangers join a public call and
screenshare undesirable material.

There is fairly simple pre-emptive fix

It's a good idea to have a co-host who's only job is to manage participants.

if recording zoom calls, it's agood idea to go over the options, for
instance there is an option to record dual screens, this can be useful to
get separate clean slide and active speaker recording which can later be

People don't often do it, but it's not a bad idea to do a local back up
audio recording when presenting on zoom. Quality may be better, and it will
be clean of any interruptions.


On Sat, Mar 28, 2020 at 12:59 AM Ushnish Sengupta <
ushnish.sengupta at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello AIRers
> I recently attended an in person conference and am looking for advice on
> how to convert aspects of a face to face conference to an online format.
> This list may be able to offer some advice or references.
> In terms of software applications, My experience with hosting classes so
> far has been with Zoom, and I am familiar with Webex and other applications
> but have no experience being a host on them.
> Conference components under consideration
> 1) Panelist Presentations
> -This is the easiest component that can be done online
> 2) Discussant feedback
> -Also achievable online
> 3) Audience Q&A
> -Achievable with a moderator
> I lose track of the order of the students asking questions in class more
> often online than in person classes
> 4) Poster sessions
> -Can be replicated as a repeated slide presentation with content from
> poster
> 5) Formal networking sessions
> -Difficult to replicate online, any ideas?
> 6) Table discussion e.g. at a dinner or conference banquet
> -Difficult to replicate online, any ideas?
> Could use Zoom breakout rooms butits different than having a meal together
> 7) Award ceremonies
> ?
> Sincerely
> Ushnish Sengupta--
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