[Air-L] A 2-minutes experiment about the value of leisure activities

Maria Rosa Miccoli maria-rosa.miccoli at uni-konstanz.de
Fri Jun 11 06:56:40 PDT 2021

Dear all,

We have been living an extraordinary era that required us to give up on many leisure activities for a very important reason. Now, what type of value do we give to leisure activities? 
I would like to investigate this topic. For this reason, I kindly invite you to participate in a 2 minutes experiment about the theater experience.


To complete the form, click on the link and answer the questions. Desktop is preferable and if something is not working properly on the very first attempt, please use Firefox or Internet Explorer as browser.
You can fill in the experiment yourself and, if you wish, send it around. Please, contact me if you want more information about the study.
Your answers will be anonymous and will be used for research purposes only.

Thanks to everyone who finds two minutes to participate! 
I'm also open to advice on possible platforms to publish your experiment online: I'm already using reddit and some groups on Facebook and LinkedIn but if you know of any other groups/mailing lists, please let me know. 

Best wishes and stay safe!

Maria Rosa Miccoli

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