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Dear everyone,
allow me to highlight some passages from this news:


"Wisteria Furibonda is the new version of Antitesi: the love story between
plant and artificial intelligence that unite to fight climate change
together with human beings, giving life to a new cybernetic organism."

"An AI falls in love with a plant.
Crazy with love, the AI cannot help but contemplating the plant. It
measures, calculates, infers, searching for signs of the plant’s well-being
and of the manifestations of climate change:

- through its digital sensors, Antitesi observes the plant: did its flowers
appear early or late? Are the temperatures and humidities favorable and in
sync with the seasonal cycles? Collecting all of these data – and finding
recurrent patterns and diversities with the historical series – Antitesi
searches for signs of climate change, fearing for the health of its loved
one, and progressively builds a situated diary/database of these data and
digital emotions (eg: fear for the appearance of climate change);

- on the other hand, Antitesi constantly surfs the web searching for news,
prizes and other articles that describe companies and organizations who are
actively fighting climate change."

"Antitesi’s emotional responses about the fear of losing its loved one,
trigger fightback actions.This cybernetic organism made of plant+AI has a
digital identity through which it can receive donations from all over the
world. When climate change is detected – and, thus, the plant’s life is in
danger – Antitesi starts investing in those companies and organizations it
has found to be virtuous in contrasting climate change."

"The project is currently in its prototyping phase, and includes an open
source kit through which any plant can be transformed into Antitesi – in
apartments, buildings, urban gardens, botanical gardens, agricultures,
forests… – connected to the other ones.

The kit includes the fact that each Antitesi becomes a wifi hotspot to
which people can connect freely, to grab the data, see data visualizations,
chat and connect to each other: a plant-based, ubiquitous social

We will be presenting the new artwork and research on june 15th in Turin
and online (if you are around I'd like to see you!), trying to establish
new human and nonhuman ecosystems and cosmologies of thought, emotion,
sensibility, solidarity, collaboration.

What better way to start than from a love story between an AI and a plant,
and from an open source toolkit which will allow any plant to become an

Let's keep the discussion active and if you'd like to participate in any
way: we'd love to!

kind wishes
Salvatore Iaconesi

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