[Air-L] Free online course: a cognitive approach to media and radicalization

cbouko catherine.bouko at ugent.be
Wed Jun 16 08:40:55 PDT 2021

Dear AoIR colleagues,

As researcher at Ghent University and partner in the EU-funded
counter-radicalization project PRECOBIAS, I would love to share with
you a *free
online course* that has been developed in the framework of this project.
The course takes a *cognitive approach to radicalization* and aims to
reveal the mental processes that are activated when young vulnerable people
are confronted with extremist online content.

During a 12-hour program, which they can start at any moment and follow at
their own pace, participants are introduced to key theories
surrounding *radicalization
and violent extremism*, and gain insights into the principles of *information
processing and automatic thinking*. The course then explores how extremist
online content can fuel radicalization processes by triggering *cognitive
biases*, and how helping young vulnerable people develop a *critical and
resilient attitude* can play an important role in radicalization prevention.

This free online course can be very valuable for scholars, students and
anyone with an interest in topics like media literacy, psychology, or
counter-terrorism. It is a great opportunity to further explore these
topics and learn more extensively about radicalization from a cognitive
perspective. The course is available in *7 languages* (English, French,
German, Italian, Hungarian, Polish and Slovenian) and can be accessed via
the *link below*. Upon completing the course, participants receive a
of Achievement* issued by *Ghent University* and the *Ludwig Maximilian
University of Munich*.

Thank you very much!

Kind regards

Prof. Catherine Bouko, Ghent University

*Go to PRECOBIAS online course*

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Catherine Bouko

Ghent University
Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
Groot-Brittanniëlaan 45
9000 Gent
Bureau: B2.06

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