[Air-L] Call for panels: STS-Migtec Paper Workshop (Feb. 2022)

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Fri Jun 18 12:27:14 PDT 2021

Dear AoIRs,

STS-MIGTEC <http://sts-migtec.org/> is an independent network of scholars
at the intersection of science and technology studies (STS) and critical
migration, security and border studies. It is a multi-disciplinary network
that organizes discussions, forums, and other events.

We are currently circulating a call for open panels for STS-MIGTEC Paper
Workshop <http://sts-migtec.org/news-events/workshops-and-conferences/>
that will take place on February 15-16, 2022, where we invite scholars to
present and discuss current work in several panels, to plan future network
research activities, and to think about interventions beyond academic

Please find details for the call below. We are also welcoming new members
to the workshop coordinating team.

Best wishes,


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+1 519 502 3310


STS-MIGTEC Paper Workshop
15-16 February 2022
Call for Open Panels
Call for joining the workshop coordinating team

The STS-MIGTEC network aims to assemble and stimulate work at the
intersection of Science and Technology Studies (STS) and Critical
Migration, Security and Border Studies. It seeks to bring researchers from
different disciplines and around the world together and to initiate
scientific exchange to produce synergies for relevant knowledge production (

The STS-MIGTEC Paper Workshop invites scholars to present and discuss
current work in several panels, to plan future network research activities,
and to think about interventions beyond academic research.

We invite you to submit your proposal for open panels, which are concerned
with (but not limited to) the following questions:


   ●  How are migrant subjects shaped and affected by migration and border
   technologies and infrastructures? How do migrant subjects enact, subvert,
   appropriate them?

   ●  What role do alternative, interventionist or oppositional
   technologies and infrastructures enacted by migrant subjects or other
   actors in solidarity with migrant subjects play?

   ●  How do migration and border technologies shape transnational
   migration and border regimes?

   ●  Which material and epistemic practices manifest or counter migration
   management/control regimes?

   ●  What are the material / ontological politics involved and what power
   effects do such entanglements produce?

   ●  What data infrastructures of migration and border control emerge and
   in which ways are they/can they be contested?

   ●  What new forms of health and migration surveillance technologies and
   infrastructures did the pandemic trigger which now shape how we ‘see’
   migrations and how versions of ‘migrants’ are enacted?

   ●  How can we critically and publicly engage with migration and border
   control technologies and infrastructures? What can the methodological and
   conceptual repertoire of STS add to engage critically with human rights
   issues, inequalities, public ignorance linked to migration and border
   control regimes?

   ●  What roles do science and critical scholars have in that process?

Please include: title, abstract (up to 250 words), and convenors of the
panel. The deadline for submission is *30 July 2021*. Wide variety of
topics linking STS and critical migration/border/security studies is

Please also consider joining the STS-MIGTEC coordinating team. If you would
like to join the team conceptualizing, coordinating, and organizing the
event please express your interest with a brief statement about related
experiences and a short bio until 5th July 2021.



   ●  5 July 2020 – Deadline to express interest to join the coordinating

   ●  30 July 2021 – Deadline to submit open panel proposals

   ●  Beginning of September – Notification of acceptance of open panels,
   call for papers to be circulated

   ●  15 October 2021 - Deadline to submit paper abstracts

   ●  Beginning of November – Notification about acceptance of papers

   ●  31 January 2022 - Deadline to submit full draft papers (short papers
   of 4000 words or full papers of 8000 words)

   ●  15-16 February 2022 Workshop Online

   Contact: Submit open panel proposals and express your interest in
   joining the coordinating team via e-mail: migtec.website at gmail.com

   STS MIGTEC Workshop organizing team: Olga Usachova, Georgios Glouftsios,
   Maria Ullrich, Ana Visan, Jasper van der Kist, Dimitri van den Meersche,
   Vasiliki Makrygianni, Aristotle Tympas, Koen Loers, Silvan Pollozek, Nina

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