[Air-L] Gender bias in popular movies: A computational approach

antoine.mazieres at yahoo.com antoine.mazieres at yahoo.com
Thu May 13 04:02:05 PDT 2021

Dear colleagues,
I just published a project that might be of your interest. We analysed the frames of more than 3500 popular movies and counted faces of women and men to perform various analysis, among which a temporal analysis over 30 years of women presence on-screen, a comparison with the Bechdel Test, and various correlations with metadata.
The paper has been accepted for publication in Humanities and Social Sciences Communications (Nature). You can find the main results described here, along with our dataset : https://gendermov.antonomase.fr/
If you find this research relevant, I would be very grateful if you choose to help spread our work : https://twitter.com/mazieres/status/1392449439940456448Thanks in advance !
If you've any question, please let me know.
All the best,Antoine Maziereshttps://antonomase.fr/

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