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Gashaw Abeza gashaw.abeza at uottawa.ca
Mon May 24 06:49:28 PDT 2021

Greetings Colleagues: As you may know, our co-edited book Social Media in
Sport: Theory and Practice
<https://www.worldscientific.com/worldscibooks/10.1142/12299> will be
released this coming July. You can now pre-order your free e-inspection
copy here: https://www.worldscientific.com/page/inspection-copy

Also, we would like to share with you a few words put forward about our
book by two of our great colleagues and leaders of the field of study:

"It is hard to imagine a more systematic treatment of the topics essential
to understanding the sport and social media nexus. The analyses that you
will find in Sport and Social Media cover all of the essential bases for
those interested in how social media has changed the face of our
contemporary experiences with sport."

*Dr Lawrence A Wenner, Von der Ahe Professor of Communication and Ethics,
Loyola Marymount University*

*Editor-in-Chief, Communication & Sport Journal*

"The content of this book is outstanding. The editors have studied and
published an astounding amount of social media and sport industry research.
They assembled an outstanding cast of diverse international scholars (who
range from prolific veteran researchers to emerging investigators) to join
them as authors. The book covers social media in the sport industry in an
exhaustive and engaging way."

*Dr Paul M Pedersen, Professor, Indiana University*

*Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Sport Communication (IJSC)*

Drs. G. Abeza, N. O’Reilly, J. Sanderson, & E. Fredrick

P.S. apologies for cross-posting

*Editors*: Gashaw Abeza, Norman O'Reilly, Jimmy Sanderson, and Evan

CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Social Media in Sport (Kevin Hull & Gashaw Abeza)
CHAPTER 2: Research in Social Media in Sport (Ted Kian & Jimmy Sanderson)
CHAPTER 3: Online Communities in Sport (David Wagner)
CHAPTER 4: Social Media Use in Major Sport (Matthew Zimmerman, Kelsey
Slater & Lauren Burch)
CHAPTER 5: Social Media Use in Minor Sport (Andrew Billings, Norm O'Reilly,
& Elisabetta Zengaro)
CHAPTER 6: Social Media in Sport Decision Making (Jessica R
Braunstein-Minkove, Ari Kim & Norm O'Reilly)
CHAPTER 7: Social Media and Data Management in Sport (Yoseph Mamo, Yiran Su
& Gashaw Abeza)
CHAPTER 8: Social Media and Relationship Marketing in Sport (Rebecca Achen
& Gashaw Abeza)
CHAPTER 9: Social Media and Brand Management in Sport (Matthew Blaszka &
Beth Cianfrone)
CHAPTER 10: Social Media and Sponsorship in Sport (Petros Parganas &
Christos Anagnostopoulos)
CHAPTER 11: Social Media and Sport Media (David Cassilo)
CHAPTER 12: Social Media, Social and Legal Issues in Sport (Melinda
Weathers & Jimmy Sanderson)
CHAPTER 13: Social Media and Crisis Communication in Sport (Ann Pegoraro &
Evan Frederick)
CHAPTER 14: Diversity and Inclusion in Social Media and Sport (Jacob Bustad
& Oliver Rick)
CHAPTER 15: Revenue Generation and Return on Investment from Social Media
in Sport (Rebecca Achen & Norm O'Reilly)
CHAPTER 16: A Practical Guide to Social Media Management in Sport (Jessica
R Braunstein-Minkove, Arielle Insel & Gashaw Abeza)
*Gashaw Abeza*, PhD · Assistant Professor
Department of Kinesiology
Sport Management
Towson University · 8000 York Road
Towson, Maryland, 21252-0001
p. 410-704-5722
Adjunct Professor
University of Guelph, Canada

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