[Air-L] CFP: June 15, 2021 Digital & Social Media Minitrack Paper submission deadline/for HICSS Jan.4-7

Nanette Levinson nlevins at american.edu
Mon May 24 18:03:00 PDT 2021

Our Digital & Social Media Minitrack: Culture, Identity & Inclusion looks forward to receiving your papers by June 15 and also welcomes paper reviewers.  To serve as a reviewer, please email nlevins at american.edu or dcogburn at american.edu or trevisan at american.edu.  To submit a paper, please see:

Here is a description of our Mini-track: Technology-facilitated social media present opportunities for new frontiers of research as they interact with cultures, identities, and diversity. As digital inequalities are on the rise globally, the current global pandemic makes understanding the internet and the related myriad divides, as well as increased reliance on digital technologies and social networking platforms more vital than ever.

Recognizing the kaleidoscope and intersectionality of culture, gender and identity, this minitrack presents innovative research across a wide range of methods and subjects. Exploring how social media technologies become interconnected with and embedded in existing socio-cultural contexts is essential to assess how these platforms affect key power dynamics in society. This minitrack sets the scene for analyzing better how digital and social media can foster (or serve as hindering factors for) diversity and inclusion in multiple settings, especially in a world coping with renewed calls for social justice and a pandemic likely to have long-term impacts. In sum, this minitrack highlights findings from a range of disciplines and methodologies that focus on the three I’s of internet, identity, and inclusion as they intersect with transformational social media and perhaps now more than ever impact human lives.

Possible paper topics include, but are not limited to:

  *   The pandemic & roles of social media in inclusion and/or exclusion
  *   Inter-cultural and Cross-cultural use of Social Media
  *   Crowdsourcing Processes and Inclusion Issues
  *   Designing Social Media for Inclusion
  *   Social media, identity and collective action
  *   Gendered Social Media
  *   The construction and circulation of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion and disability through the use of social media
  *   Online Harassment
  *   Identity Enactment, Adoption, and Policing
  *   Reproduction of biases
  *   Governance and Rules in Action
  *   Aging and Social Media
  *   Inter-generational use of Social Media
  *   Impact and influence of social media on diversity
  *   Social Media, Inclusion, and Inclusivity
  *   Social Media & Implicit Bias
  *   Social Media, Culture & Change/Social Innovation
  *   Social Media & Intersectionality
  *   Social media, Access and Virtual Learning
  *   Social media, accessibility and digital disability
  *   Social Media, Disruptive Innovation, and Capacity-Building for All

For HICSS-55, we have forged a fast-track publication opportunity with Data & Policy published by Cambridge University Press. Data & Policy is a peer-reviewed, open access journal dedicated to data science and governance.

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Nanette Levinson
American University
nlevins at american.edu

Derrick Cogburn
American University
dcogburn at american.edu‬‬

Filippo Trevisan
American University
trevisan at american.edu

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