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Dear friends and colleagues,

Please, do not miss this nice initiative:

As an institution, the University faces the challenge of its own survival in the 21st century. The educational ecosystem that integrates it is under pressure and some hard conditions that restrict 
the work of teachers and researchers. The ‘Accelerated Academy’ project is promoted by an international group of academics willing to problematize the university institution. The global aim of the initiative is to critically reflect and rethink the spaces and times that constitute the university as an institution.

Edition #8 of the ‘accelerated academy’ arrives in Valencia on the 1st and 2nd October 2021 with the title: “Decelerated Academy? Enclosures, Enthusiasms, and Epidemics”. The event is sponsored and co-organized by the University of Valencia (Spain) and CRITICOM and it is open to the entire international university, academic and research community. The conference will feature the opening and closing lectures by César Rendueles and Remedios Zafra and expects to open spaces for debate and the construction of alternatives for a ‘better university’.

The main topics of the congress section of the event cover a great variety of points of view:

- COVID-19 as leverage of previous debates of knowledge production and creative work. 
- Creative production within lockdown measures and online environments.
- Intersectional inequalities as key factors in the pandemic consequences of creative labor.
- Lasting and new hierarchies in Academic labor and their visibility.
- North-South relationships regarding the investigation and the diffusion of results. 
- Deceleration of Academic workflows.
- Uncertainty in future work and their emotional (enthusiasm) and material (Academic duties) implications.

NOW, we have already open the registration period for GENERAL ATTENDANCE. Both VIRTUAL and IN PERSON modalities are available:


In the following link you can access the complete communications program: 


The organizers have put at your disposal the email address (accacademy8 at uv.es) so that you can make any inquiries you may consider about the event.

You all are invited to be part of it (!!!)
The Organizers

Germán Llorca Abad
Aquest missatge ha estat generat des d'un compte de la
Universitat de València per a les finalitats pròpies de
la institució. El seu contingut es considera confidencial
i, llevat que la seua naturalesa així ho exigisca, no
se’n permet la reproducció o distribució sense
autorització expressa. Si heu rebut indegudament el
correu, us demanem que advertiu d'aquest fet al remitent
i que l’elimineu. En el lloc web institucional de la
Universitat de València podeu consultar les nostres
condicions d'ús i polítiques de privacitat pel que fa a
l'enviament de correu electrònic
(http://links.uv.es/E0GKasq, http://links.uv.es/26uC3dX).
Podeu comunicar qualsevol incidència relacionada amb la
recepció dels nostres correus electrònics, i en
particular aquelles que es relacionen amb la seguretat i
la confidencialitat, mitjançant lopd at uv.es.

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