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This is from another list (Pho) and after I suggested AoIR to Rome, he
asked if I might forward.

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From: Rome Viharo <rome.viharo at gmail.com>

Some of you have become friends over the years, but I could use some advice
from ya'll if you feel so kind.

One of those projects from back then continued to evolve, and this year
just received acceptance into Phase 1 for the National Science Foundation,
endorsed by Lucas Dixon from Google Jigsaw.

For the grant, I need to acquire an academic research partner, hence the
request to this forum. Full grant is $2M for the project.

The project is researching a unique algorithm highly relevant in today's
media, especially around online disinformation, fact checking, and
harassment. The project is a whole system of "non-dual" consensus building
using computer/human interaction. I demonstrate a very unique algorithm
that, in theory, will allow large-scale mutually resolving consensus
building on the world wide web. The algorithm, in theory, will only allow
one mathematical and psychological outcome, resolution, and the consensus
process allows for the publication of an article or contract, without a
third party, that reflects this resolution, to the web.

Ideally, I am looking for someone with strong academic connections who can
join the project and mentor through the NSF process with an academic
partner (UCLA, Columbia University, Washington University, MIT current

I've never had to work within academia before so this next step is proving
to be a challenge. Can help? Attached is a summary of the project, and if
anyone is curious to see how it works, I do a zoom presentation and its fun

The project is NOT LOOKING for investment, my intentions here are pure :)

Thanks for the consideration, I could use all the help I can get



*Aiki Wiki ™*

*Non-Dual Consensus Building Platform*

Human-Computer Interaction


By Rome Viharo, 2021

“Aiki Wiki” is the designated name for a whole system of non-dual consensus
building and methodology; a combination of a unique algorithm along with a
methodology for human-computer interaction that theoretically allows for
mutually resolving consensus building at scale on the world wide web.

The algorithm guides an online discussion into a very subtle form of
gamification in such a way that will only allow for one mathematical and
psychological outcome, a “win-win” publishable resolution.

The whole system brings Psychology and Game Theory programmatically into
online discussion on the web and in theory, through this very practical and
demonstrable “non-dual” approach, the whole system transmutes arguments,
disagreements, conflicts, any type of negotiation into a “win-win”
collaborative discussion that publishes an article to the web that can be
verifiably trusted.

The project has received endorsement from Lucas Dixon, Chief Science
Officer from Google Jigsaw (2010-2019) and has received acceptance in the
National Science Foundation Phase 1.

For the full grant, $2M, we wish to prove a whole system of consensus
building, summarized below.

In Theory, Aiki Wiki is designed on a simple set of assumptions about
underlying causes of conflict and disagreement, especially psychological
forces, and identifies a naturally occurring psychological process that is
continually resolving, expressed in behaviors that can be measured and
mapped mathematically, theoretically allowing for a surprising programmatic
ability to compliment and capture what are historically considered elusive
human properties as data points.

These assumptions were based upon observation, not theory. They are derived
from patterns discovered in “critical mass consensus” events that occur in
online media, from social media to discussion forums to Wikipedia.

This “pattern” in critical mass consensus on the internet was first
observed almost twenty years ago, and from this observation evolved  a
theory and an interface that could capture and repeat this dynamic

With the full research grant, I wish to prove and test resolution across
many sectors, from interpersonal to institutional, including both legal
dispute resolution as well as conflict resolution as a social psychology,
to educational and academic applications.

The research can test and prove that the whole system, as a form of
human-computer interaction which would provide a digital platform and
library, Aiki Wiki can potentially offer profound digital solutions and
software to eradicate misinformation from internet publishing, and even
solutions for things like online harassment or toxic web activity.

With the full research grant we can test and prove a system of consensus
building that can potentially scale to the thousands, potentially even
millions, creating a pathway for a large consensus to form quickly,
overcoming the hurdle of world autocracies giving social democracies the
current ability to build a consensus.

With the research grant, we can test and prove that the whole system will
be able to offer new and unique methods to measure things like honesty,
rationality, and collaboration on the world wide web.

*The implications of a global win-win social media superhighway on the
world wide web.*
Imagine the impact of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even
millions of individuals comprised of ideological divides spread across the
cultural, political and social spectrum arriving at critical resolutions to
key issues or even intractable problems such as Covid19 or climate change,
in rapidly shorts amount of time, weeks, days even?

Imagine law and court systems processing dispute resolution at scale
through such an algorithm?

Next, imagine the implications of the global scale of such a process?

At first, such a thing does not even seem possible, yet it is indeed what
this project predicts within its scope, laying out a practical pathway in
which these improbable outcomes become the only possible outcome.

>From the algorithm an AI can be derived that guides all conversation in the
system towards a fully rational and mutually resolving consensus which can
be built between ideological divides of any kind, at scale and most
impressively without the requirement of a third party.

Within the system voting is unable to produce a rational consensus process,
from thumbs up or down to likes or dislikes. While voting is rejected as
reliable in the system, consensus theory still reflects the highest
“possible” democratic ideal for consensus building; openness, transparency,
freedom of discourse and equal access to process while allowing all forms
of communication to participate without censorship.

*Current status of the project*
Demonstrably, the project can currently show two users successfully editing
a contract or a “consensus point” from a disagreement into a resolution as
the only possible outcome.

We assume the algorithm can scale beyond 1 to 1 and all theory will be
falsifiable at various levels of scaling to hundreds, to thousands, to
hundreds of thousands even to millions of users applying  non dualistic
consensus building simultaneously around one singular consensus article.

This white paper lists the basics of the algorithm while offering a scope
of the potential scale of such an algorithm on the internet, as well as
details the methodology to online consensus building.

A demonstration is available upon request.

*About Rome Viharo*
Rome Viharo has a 25 year history in media and technology as an
entrepreneur, developer, media strategist and consultant and is considered
a vertical expert in online media, viral media, social media, digital
marketing technology, media buying marketplaces, and ad-tech.

In 2005 he was producing “digital content” for Anonymous Content, working
alongside Boing Boing developing pioneering new types of digital content.

>From 2007 - 2012 he was a leading viral marketing and social media content
strategist, pioneering and launching some of the largest viral campaigns in
the world,  including five SuperBowl campaigns and running media campaigns
for brands such as VISA, AUDI, FORD, Google and over a dozen others, and
working alongside some of the biggest agencies in the world.

He helped consult and pioneer “influencer” media, developing and advising
celebrities and influencers on strategies campaigns.

>From 2013 - present, he has been funded to develop technology platforms for
content management and distribution, designing financial marketplaces for
supply and demand architectures, developing two startups from research,
funding, development and piloting.

Joly MacFie  +12185659365

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