[Air-L] The Imperative for Sustainable AI Systems

Abhishek Gupta abhishek at montrealethics.ai
Wed Sep 29 01:11:24 PDT 2021

Hi folks! 

Hope you're doing well! 

I recently wrote a research article titled " The Imperative for Sustainable AI Systems ( https://share.polymail.io/v1/z/b/NjE1NDFmMDQ0Yjg2/FU7oo27EnlvuhhooN5ZrUau0Bq0fEivY6mZySM7a2RspDANCjFqEOxDZ_-oL-tLMGBRiH3ojG031jZHNXK99f8prDxj6UneSKFlb495M7Gmkr-OQYf4GWp-jqWreGd9t9K-bPOs1S1CwmkB3qV5bcHw_pPpgd9SnkIK1fiS0ygbr0EejJv6g-FiiDAcA8qqdknZVnjyBELYK5w== ) " (published by The Gradient) that talks about how including environmental aspects as a core consideration alongside business and functional requirements will lead to more eco-friendly, performant, and socially just outcomes in the design, development, and deployment of AI systems. 

It does so by: 
* *highlighting the challenges with the current paradigm* (exploitative data practices, centralization of power and homogenization, and massive energy footprint)
* *explaining what sustainable AI is* (elevating smaller models, alternate deployment strategies, and carbon-awareness and carbon-efficiency) *and *
* *what we can do next* (sharing the idea of sustainable AI widely, instrumenting AI systems to gather telemetry, and making carbon impacts a core consideration alongside functional and business requirements)

Given the areas that we all work on as researchers, I hope that you find this useful - happy to answer any questions on this, thanks!  

Abhishek Gupta ( @atg_abhishek ( https://twitter.com/atg_abhishek ) )
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Machine Learning @ Microsoft
Chair, Standards Working Group, Green Software Foundation ( https://greensoftware.foundation/ )
CSE Responsible AI Board Member, Microsoft
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