[Air-L] Everyday algorithms - Milan, 7 July 2022 - Call for Contributions

Alessandro Gandini alessandro.gandini at unimi.it
Mon Mar 14 08:04:05 PDT 2022

*Everyday algorithms – **Algocount Final Event, Milan,  7 July 2022*

*Deadline: 8 April 2022 by midnight*

This international conference aims at exploring the role algorithms play in
the formation of public opinion from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The
conference is set in the context of the *Algocount* project (
www.algocount.org), financed by Fondazione Cariplo, conducted by the
University of Milan, Department of Social and Political Sciences and
Density Design, Politecnico di Milano, in collaboration with Museo
Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, Milan. The project seeks
to expand the current understanding of how recommendation and
personalization algorithms are perceived as key mediators in the access to
news and informational content by ordinary users.

The conference welcomes contributions that critically reflect on the
unfolding of what we define as the ‘algorithmic public opinion’. With this
term we intend to grasp the algorithmically-driven processes by which
certain issues become a salient matter of public opinion, and the central
role recommendation and personalization algorithms play as gatekeeping
infrastructures through which individuals access information, produce their
opinions and consolidate their social and political views.

We invite participants from various intellectual traditions and streams of
research, including media studies, sociology, information design,
information science, science and technology studies, history of technology,
computing and anthropology, human-computer interaction and political
philosophy, to participate in an open debate around these issues. The full
Call for Contributions is available here:

Ten papers will be selected for presentation at the *Museo Nazionale
Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci of Milan* on 7 July 2022.
Contributors are required to send in a 300-word abstract to the following
email address: algocountproject at gmail.com. The conference will comprise 4
panel presentations and 2 keynote sessions hosting internationally
acclaimed scholars as speakers. Preference will be given to speakers who
plan to attend the conference in person, but a small number of remote
presentations (no more than 1 per panel) may be included in the programme.
Up to 2 scholarships covering travel and accommodation expenses may be
awarded to participants at an early-career stage or self-funded. Acceptance
notices will be given by 30 April.

Participation to the conference as an attendee (without presenting a paper)
will be possible both in person and remotely, via Zoom.

Organizing committee: Alessandro Gandini, Silvia Keeling, Urbano Reviglio,
Diletta Huyskes, Luca Giuffrè (University of Milan); Michele Mauri,
Beatrice Gobbo, Maria De Los Ángeles Briones Rojas (Politecnico di Milano,
Density Design); Simona Casonato (Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia
Leonardo da Vinci, Milan).

For any further information please email: algocountproject at gmail.com or
alessandro.gandini at unimi.it.

Alessandro Gandini
Associate Professor of Sociology
University of Milan, Department of Social and Political Sciences
via Conservatorio 7, 20122 Milan

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