[Air-L] Seeking library privacy policies from special libraries + Seeking library employer/supervisor participants for Interview: Information policy and privacy during COVID-19

Michele A. L. Villagran michele.villagran at sjsu.edu
Sat Mar 26 21:46:49 PDT 2022

We are seeking library privacy policies from special libraries that reflect
a diversity of institution sizes, budgets, and missions. We are conducting
a document analysis of library privacy policies to gain insight into how
(or if) library policy currently contemplates the privacy concerns of
sexual and gender minority individuals as different from the privacy
concerns of cis-gender heterosexual people. If you are a special library
and have a library privacy policy that you'd be willing to share, please
contact daryl.lee at sjsu.edu by *April 4, 2022* with a copy of the policy.

In addition, we are conducting interviews with the purpose of understanding
whether emerging information professionals are adequately educated with
regards to information policy, and to determine what gaps exist with
regards to library employees’ ability to meaningfully participate in
policy-related work. We would like to invite you to participate in a remote
interview through Zoom to discuss your experiences, as a library
employer/supervisor, of how well library and information science (LIS)
students are prepared for policy challenges around privacy of LGBTQI2SA+
people during the COVID 19 pandemic. Participation in this study is
voluntary and would take approximately forty-five to sixty (45 - 60)
minutes of your time.  In appreciation of your time commitment, you will
receive remuneration at $50 USD. This study has been reviewed and received
ethics clearance through the institutional review board at San Jose State
University. You will receive a full consent form, which includes review
board and other contacts, prior to participation. If you are interested in
participating in an interview, please contact darra.hofman at sjsu.edu by *April
4, 2022* to receive the consent form and coordinate a time for your

Thank you for your consideration.


Dr. Darra Hofman

Assistant Professor, School of Information

San José State University

darra.hofman at sjsu.edu

Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran

Assistant Professor, School of Information

San José State University

michele.villagran at sjsu.edu

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