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Hi Karyn & All,

Replying mainly to interrupt the ever increasing nested replies that include multiple versions of the digest, which I suspect will eventually contain enough text to power the next version of GPT! But as I’m writing anyway, a few thoughts:

I don’t think there is a definitive text on multimodal DA of TikTok yet, as others have suggested. But for general approaches, I can recommend “Introduction to Multimodal Analysis” by Per Ledin and David Machin.

That is an introductory textbook, so if you’d like a more theoretical take you could try “Multimodality: Foundations, research and analysis–A problem-oriented introduction” by John Bateman, Janina Wildfeuer and Tuomo Hiippala (and other work by these authors).

I’d strongly recommend Kendra Calhoun’s article about Vine (https://doi.org/10.1111/jola.12206) as a great example of discourse analysis of short video formats (and I believe she’s publishing something about TikTok soon).

Finally, if you’ll allow me a bit of self-promotion, my own co-authored textbook “Researching Language and Social Media” (Page, Barton, Lee, Unger & Zappavigna) has a number of additional sections on multimodality in the 2nd (2022) edition. Chapter 5 in particular deals with discourse and qualitative analysis.

Hope this helps,

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Hi All?
Can anyone suggest a basic text for getting started with multimodal discourse analysis (or another method) for analyzing Tik Tok videos?
Many, many thanks,
Karyn Hollis

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