[Air-L] Funded M.A. and Ph.D. positions in comm & new tech at U of Illinois at Chicago

Yuan, Jingyan Elaine eyuan at uic.edu
Tue Jan 3 08:08:29 PST 2023

The Department of Communication at University of Illinois at Chicago is currently accepting Fall 2022 applicants for M.A. and Ph.D. programs. The deadline is Jan. 15, 2022.

Master’s Program has two general concentrations:

  *   Media studies including areas ranging from journalism ethics to electronic media and computer-mediated communication.
  *   Intercultural diversity with inquiries range across language and symbolic representation, critical theory, social inequality and racism, and cross-cultural differences

PhD Program focuses on communication and technology with emphasis on politics, health, interpersonal relations, culture, history, policy, gaming, and mobile media.

A signature feature of Department programs is their flexibility. Students pursue individual aims with advice from an adviser, designing a course of study to reach their own educational goals. Because the Department strongly encourages interdisciplinary work, students may study with scholars in communication and allied disciplines. Interdepartmental concentrations are available in Electronic Security and Privacy<http://securityigert.uic.edu/>, Gender and Women’s Studies<https://gws.uic.edu>, Survey Research Methodology<http://www.srl.uic.edu/gcsrm.htm>, and in Latin American and Latino Studies<https://lals.uic.edu>.

For more information about how to apply visit:


For inquiry please contact:

Director of Graduate Studies: Elaine Yuan (eyuan at uic.edu<mailto:eyuan at uic.edu>)

Department Head: Zizi Papacharissi (zizi at uic.edu<mailto:zizi at uic.edu>)

Program Coordinator: Erica Mann (elmann at uic.edu<mailto:elmann at uic.edu>)

Elaine Yuan

Associate Professor &
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Communication
University of Illinois at Chicago
The Web of Meaning: the Internet in a changing Chinese society (Toronto UP). 2022 NCA APAC Outstanding Book Award

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