[Air-L] SI on Designing Ethical AI for and with Children. Submission deadline 28.02.2023

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Dear all,

I share a call for the Special Issue "Age Against the Machine: A Call for
Designing Ethical AI for and with Children
" in the Interaction Design and Architecture(s) <http://ixdea.uniroma2.it/>
journal that might be of your interest. Deadline for submissions is

I include information about the call and relevant dates. Do not hesitate to
contact (eva.durallgazulla(at)oulu.fi) in case you have questions.

*Age Against the Machine: A Call for Designing Ethical AI for and with

Child-Computer Interaction (CCI) research is focused on cultivating,
nurturing, and nudging children towards technology use and design.
Recently, ethical aspects related to technology have come to the forefront,
including the inherent limitations of technology, particularly related to
Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML). Further, AI has a
known diversity problem where age-inclusion can be sometimes forgotten.
While various global and national policy frameworks on Children and AI are
being developed, the approaches are child-centered but not child-led,
restricting children from affecting their own digital futures. Further
still, there is little discussion with children on the limitations,
inherent biases, and lack of diversity in current design and development of
AI/ML. As AI evolves to mimic human-like cognition, emotions,
conversations, and decision-making, its impact on children and their
futures should be critically examined for, with, and by children.

Therefore, we invite researchers working on the various challenges and
opportunities related to Children and AI/ ML to submit their work to this
special issue. We welcome research that includes children as equal partners
and empowers them to consider present and future challenges as experts of
their own lives, with diverse interests, backgrounds, perspectives, and
experiences. We also welcome research and design work with (but not limited
to) educators, families, children (as testers, co-designers,
co-researchers, protagonists), and other stakeholders in a variety of
contexts (schools, after-school clubs, out of school contexts, public
spaces, rural, urban).

*Topics of Interest*

Suggested topics include theories,models, frameworks, exploratory studies,
case / user studies on (but not limited to):
• Research on and with Children and AI/ML
• AI Literacy for Al
• Children’s rights and AI
• Ethical AI for children
• Participatory Design and Research with intelligent systems
• Inclusion, diversity, and empowerment of under-represented children and

*Guest Editors*
• Sumita Sharma, INTERACT Research Unit, University of Oulu
• Eva Durall Gazulla, INTERACT Research Unit, University of Oulu
• Marianne Kinnula, INTERACT Research Unit, University of Oulu
• Nitin Sawhney, Aalto University.

*Important dates*

• Deadline: *February 28th, 2023*
• Notification to the authors: April 30th, 2023
• Camera ready paper: May 30th, 2023
• Publication of the special issue: July 2023 (tentatively)

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