[Air-L] mediastudies.press submission window for book manuscripts from 1 June-30 July, 2023

Park, David park at lakeforest.edu
Tue Jun 6 09:46:37 PDT 2023

We at mediastudies.press are happy to announce the opening of our annual proposal window from 1 June to 30 July, 2023. During this date window, authors are encouraged to submit a proposal for review.

mediastudies.press welcomes submissions from scholars across media, communication, and film studies. We currently publish in four series:

  *   Media Manifold series — monographs and other book-length works of contemporary media scholarship


  *   Public Domain series — reprints of neglected classics, in new critical editions anchored by framing introductions


  *   Open Reader series — themed collections of openly licensed, public domain, and linked materials curated and introduced by leading experts


  *   History of Media Studies series — monographs and other original scholarly works centered on history of media, communication, and film studies


We are small and artisanal by mission, and aim to publish just five books a year. Given the volume of proposals that we receive—and with our production schedule in mind—we maintain an annual proposal window (1 June to 30 July), for the review of manuscripts slated for publication in the following calendar year. You are welcome to send informal queries outside these dates, but our general practice is to only consider proposals within the annual window. Each year, we review proposals with an initial reply by August 15, with the aim to conduct peer review of proposals of expressed interest by the end of September.

mediastudies.press is an open-access publisher for the media and communication studies fields. The press is nonprofit and scholar-led. We publish living works, with iterative updates stitched into our process. And we encourage multi-modal submissions that reflect the mediated environments our authors study.

Publishing with mediastudies.press is free on principle. Our aim is to demonstrate, on a small scale, an open-access publishing model supported by libraries rather than author fees. Open access for readers, we believe, should not be traded for new barriers to authorship.

All our published works are rigorously peer-reviewed, and receive unusual editorial attention. We prioritize discoverability through careful metadata, library records, and directory listings. As a scholar-run operation, our publicity outreach is uncommonly informed by the fields’ intellectual contours.

We kindly ask that proposals be submitted as a single PDF, via this URL: https://www.mediastudies.press/proposal-form
Proposals should included the following elements, in addition to at least one draft chapter:

  1.  Proposed title and subtitle
  2.  A 500- to 1000-word narrative description of the book
  3.  Short bios of author(s) and/or editor(s)
  4.  Proposed series (see above)
  5.  Tentative table of contents, preferably annotated
  6.  Estimated word-length
  7.  Multi-modal components, if any
  8.  Status of the book (i.e., expectation of completion date, the portion now complete)
  9.  At least one draft chapter

If you have any questions at all about the proposal process for books, please contact us at press at mediastudies.press<mailto:press at mediastudies.press>

Jeff Pooley, director of mediastudies.press

Dave Park, associate director of mediastudies.press

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