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   [1]Labor Tech Research Network (LaborTech) invites submissions for our
   second annual Book and Graduate Student Paper Awards, and first annual
   Social Justice Award.
   *About Us*
   LaborTech is an interdisciplinary and transnational group of experts
   concerned with the intersection of technology and labor. We aim to
   reframe conversations about technology and labor towards issues of
   power, inequality, and social justice, and incorporate themes of
   feminism, anti-racism, and transnationalism. We also seek to foster an
   interdisciplinary, cross-regional, and community-oriented space for
   discussion, collaboration, and empowerment. For a deeper discussion of
   our mission, please see the 'About Us' page on our website as well as
   examples of topics in our decade-long Speaker Series.
   *Call for Nominations*
   As part of our mission to promote scholarship and activism towards more
   equitable forms of labor and technology, LaborTech is announcing a call
   for three awards -- Book, Graduate Student Paper, and Social Justice.
   These will honor projects which:
   - have distinctive intellectual merit or activist impact;
   - advance the knowledge about labor and technology in the global
   society; and
   - address our core focus on labor and technology and which may
   simultaneously address feminism, anti-racism, and/or transnationalism.
   Works from all disciplines and methodologies are eligible for
   nomination. Nominations are open to members and non-members of
   LaborTech.  We welcome self-nominations especially, but also
   nominations from publishers, colleagues, and others familiar with the
   projects.  We encourage submissions from women, people of color, queer
   communities, and those from the global south.
   Winners receive a small cash award and a certificate (which we hope to
   expand further in years ahead, as we are still a growing nonprofit
   organization :).  In addition, we offer our infrastructural supports at
   LaborTech to promote visibility of your projects:  by connecting with
   our 400+ expert members; by making a video of winners and distributing
   it both in and outside of our network to enhance public attention and
   exposure; and by creating a space and opportunity for sharing your work
   at out end of year virtual celebration.  Winners will be announced in
   *Deadline and Contact*
   The deadline for submissions is July 1, 2023.  Send questions to
   labortechresearchnetwork at gmail.com.  See below for separate criteria
   and instructions for the various awards.
   *Submission Details*
   Please submit the following items in English to
   labortechresearchnetwork at gmail.com:
   1. An electronic version in PDF format (contact us if only print form
   is available for books)
   2. The author's contact email address
   3.  A one-page nomination letter stating the significance and
   contribution of the work
   4.  For Graduate Student Paper, please also include in the cover
   a) when the PhD was started and, if applicable, granted
   b) if the paper was published, then state when and in what journal
   c) if co-authored with faculty/advisors/other PhDs, please include a
   paragraph attesting to the student's dominant role in generating the
   paper (such as working on its theoretical components, doing the
   research, and writing it up). In addition, we ask that the cover letter
   is signed (digitally, or otherwise) by all co-authors, so that they are
   aware of this submission.
   *Book Award Criteria*
   - Monographs only (no edited volumes or anthologies)
   - Multiple authors accepted
   - Published in the last three years (2021-23)
   *Graduate Student Paper Award Criteria*
   - Written by students currently enrolled in a graduate program or who
   have graduated in 2023
   - Single-authored pieces are preferred, but co-authored pieces will be
   accepted with the above conditions in Submission Details
   - Papers may be published within the last three years (2021-23) or
   - Page length: 25-40 pages, double-spaced
   *Submission details*
   - Fill out this online form, which includes a few short questions of
   400-700 words each, regarding the significance and contribution of your
   social justice activities
   - Please submit all items in English.  If you have a submission in
   another language, contact us and we'll attempt to find a translator in
   our group.
   - Those who are interfacing with technology in the course of their
   organizing, or who are organizing against inequitable technologies, in
   the context of labor, feminism, anti-racism, transnationalism
   struggles.  This may include:
   - tech workers
   - labor organizers, whether in unions or other workers' associations
   feminist, immigrant, community, and ethnic rights activists
   scholar-activists.  For this, we are not looking for purely academic
   work (i.e., scholars who are studying activism), but rather those who
   are participating in activism themselves, or who are promoting
   collaborations between activists and scholars.
   people creating design alternatives for social justice, like engineers
   and designers
   - Open to individuals, small groups, and if appropriate, organizations
   - Focus will be on a particular campaign or project that is done with
   the aim of social justice regarding labor and/or technology.  These
   projects may be broad (such as educating the public on a social justice
   issue) or specific (such as organizing a protest for higher wages).
   They may use a variety of strategies (e.g., art, design, social media,
   marches and strikes, policy interventions, etc.).  We'd like to honor
   activists who, through these projects, have developed novel approaches
   or who are pioneers in the fight for more equitable relations of
   technology and/or labor.


   Visible links:
   1. http://labortechresearchnetwork.org/

   Hidden links:
   3. http://labortechresearchnetwork.org/

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