[Air-L] Digital activism across North-South divides

Esther Laufer cfa at cais.nrw
Tue Jun 20 04:28:24 PDT 2023

Dear all,
You are warmly invited to attend our hybrid workshop on Digital activism across North-South divides.
This workshop focuses on critical issues in digital activism, traversing North-South boundaries to explore a range of themes and geopolitical contexts: the relation between embodied and digital forms of activism; digital archives as activist resources; repertoires of protest, and the mediation of affective and emotional solidarities. Across contributions, the workshop will attempt to envision a digital politics of location that addresses inequalities of race, class, gender and geography. 
Individual presentations will explore: the archival practices of digital feminist activism in Iran; digital practices of witnessing and anti-securitisation in the Mediterranean; affect and digital territoriality during the #MahsaAmini protests in Iran; digital civic initiatives and civil society in Belarus; and shifting definitions of activism - blurring the boundaries between civic action and lifestyle choices.  
Organisers: Dr Sara Tafakori and Dr Mitra Shamsi
Date and time: Tuesday, 27 June 2023, 11 am-2 pm CET
Location: CAIS, Bochum, and Webex
Themes and speakers:
(Un)making feminist subjects: affect, digitality and embodiment during the #Mahsa_Amini protests in Iran. 
Dr Sara Tafakori, Lecturer, University of Leeds
To Make Women’s Issues Visible: Practising Digital Feminist Activism in Iran
Dr Mitra Shamsi, CAIS fellow
Agitator, commentator, educator, mental health counselor: Instagram use for social change and the re-construction of activism
Dr Delia Dumitrica, Associate Professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam
>From Technology Affordances at the High Sea to Digital Activism: The Alarm Phone’s Case
Dr Lucien Vilhalva de Campos, Researcher and teaching assistant at the Central European University, Vienna, former CAIS Fellow
Telegram Revolution: Conceptual and Technical Innovations of the 2020 Belarusian Protest*
Dr Vasil Navumau, Institute of Social Movements, Ruhr-University Bochum, former CAIS Fellow
If you want to attend, please register at kolleg at cais-research.de mailto:kolleg at cais-research.de.
Best wishes,

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