[Air-L] PhD funded position in CCI on critical data literacies

eva durall evadurall at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 01:35:35 PDT 2023

Dear all,

I would like to share a call for a PhD funded we are opening at the INTERACT
research unit <https://interact.oulu.fi/> (University of Oulu). The
position is linked to the Academy of Finland project “Critical DataLit:
Cultivating justice-oriented data literacies among GenZ” (Critical
DataLit), starting next September 2023.

Below I include a description and the relevant links to the call. Please
contact (eva.durallgazulla(at)oulu.fi) in case you have questions.

*Call for a funded PhD position at INTERACT, University of Oulu*

We are looking for a person interested in a PhD position for conducting
interdisciplinary research combining child-computer interaction,
creative/arts-based practices and critical education. The research will be
conducted in the context of the Academy of Finland funded research project
“Critical DataLit: Cultivating justice-oriented data literacies among GenZ”
(Critical DataLit). The ideal candidate has a critical understanding of
technology and making/digital fabrication/prototyping skills. We are
looking for bold and creative thinkers willing to embrace participatory
design with children and diverse stakeholders to develop a social
justice-oriented approach to data literacy using creative practices.
Research duties include reviewing relevant literature, collecting empirical
data through working with stakeholders (schoolchildren, teachers, activity
organizers, and other relevant actors), analyzing the data with help of
theoretical frameworks, and writing academic conference and journal
publications. The position also includes some teaching duties. Finnish
skills are desirable, but not a must. The position requires moving to Oulu

Link to the call:


Application deadline: *15th of August 2023*, 23:59 (Finnish local time).

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