[Air-L] CFP Deadline Extended to July 10 - Misinformation Village - DEFCON 31 (Aug 11-13, Las Vegas)

Ahmed Medien ahmed at misinfovillage.org
Fri Jun 30 12:40:39 PDT 2023

Dear colleagues,

This is a reminder to consider submitting a proposal to the Misinformation Village at DEF CON 31, the largest hackers conference in North America.

Join us at the Misinformation Village, a 3-day event in Las Vegas. The Misinformation Village is a collaborative of dis- and misinformation researchers, data analysts and computer linguists, cybersecurity and defence professionals, and all like-minded professionals across academia, civil society, government and industry. We seek to establish open and broad-sector frameworks to define, expose, analyze and counter the security challenges of misinformation and disinformation campaigns on democratic regimes, free markets, public trust, and open and progressive societies.

Our goal is to stimulate engagement, exchange of ideas, and interactive learning. Here are the kinds of proposal formats we're interested in:

  1.  Research-Based Talks: Share your research findings on misinformation and cybersecurity. These talks are based on published, peer-reviewed research and should ideally contribute new knowledge or an innovative perspective on the topic.

  2.  Skills-Based Workshops: Conduct an interactive workshop to help participants develop specific skills or techniques related to combating misinformation and enhancing cybersecurity.

  3.  Investigative Journalistic Pieces: Present an in-depth exploration of a specific incident or trend related to misinformation or cybersecurity. The piece should shed light on the intricacies and impacts of the situation and offer insights into how similar occurrences can be prevented or mitigated.

  4.  Movie or Short Film Screening: If you have a film or documentary that discusses misinformation or cybersecurity in an informative and engaging way, we welcome screenings followed by a discussion.

  5.  Interviews/Fireside Chats: Propose a conversation with a prominent figure in the field. The talk should be engaging, insightful and provoke thoughtful discussion among attendees.

  6.  Book Talks: If you have published a book relevant to our themes, propose a book talk. Share your key insights and engage with attendees on the topics discussed in your book.

  7.  New Discipline or Open-Source Frameworks: If you have developed a new approach, tool, or framework for tackling misinformation or enhancing cybersecurity, we would love to hear about it. These presentations should discuss how the tool or approach works, its benefits, and how others can use or adapt it.

This year, we're particularly keen on dissecting the following themes:

  1.  The mechanics of audience segmentation & analysis concerning disinformation targets
  2.  The propagation of disinformation campaigns across diverse languages and geopolitical landscapes
  3.  The impact and intersection of AI with fact-checking and disinformation propagation
  4.  The economic cost of disinformation on society, democratic norms, and free markets
  5.  The legal adjudication or prosecution of disinformation in the context of elections

These broad areas will allow us to delve into specific yet far-reaching issues such as multi-lingual disinformation campaigns, the economic ecosystem of disinformation, the role of AI in fact-checking and more.

As for the format, we're pioneering a Red/Blue team exercise this year! This is aimed to encourage dynamic, interactive, and practical discussions on both the creation and mitigation of online threats.

Call for Proposals: https://forms.gle/x2GDa3HkdWtgNUuKA

Watch our sessions from 2022: https://slideslive.com/misinformation-village-media-library/misinformation-village-media-library

*Entrance to DEFCON is paid for all participants including organizers. However, we do have a few "speaker" passes. If you do need a pass, please do let us know. Priority will go to researchers still developing their work, possibly still in their early research careers and who would like to continue to engage with the Misinformation Village for further collaborative research, other future sessions, etc.

Ahmed X. Medien
Village Chair

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