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Marie Santini marie.santini at eco.ufrj.br
Fri Mar 17 09:31:00 PDT 2023

Dear colleagues,

The Digital Public Goods Alliance and UNDP, with support from Omidyar
Network and Craig Newmark Philanthropies, have launched a campaign to
highlight solutions that can combat information pollution and restore
informational integrity. The chosen solutions will be presented at the
Nobel Prize Summit, organized by the National Academy of Sciences and the
Nobel Foundation.

I will have the honour of being part of the *expert advisory panel* that
will choose the best proposals from around the world to receive the prize.
It is essential that we have submissions from academia, especially from the
Global South. If you work on a solution or #OpenSource concepts to combat
misinformation, submit your proposal at the link

Campaign Overview

The Digital Public Goods Alliance and the United Nations Development
Programme, with support from Omidyar Network and Craig Newmark
Philanthropies, are collaborating to discover and promote open-source
solutions and concepts that tackle the problem of information pollution. A
call for submission is now open. Selected projects will be showcased at the
Nobel Prize Summit "Truth, Trust and Hope," hosted by the U.S. National
Academy of Sciences and the Nobel Foundation from 24-27 May 2023 in
Washington, D.C. and online.

Important Dates


   February 15th: Call for submissions opens

   April 2nd: Call for submissions closes

   April 10th - 14th: Advisory panel selects recipients

   May 24 - 26th: Nobel Prize Summit in Washington, D.C.

Relevant links

Nobel Prize Summit Website

Launch Blog <http://bit.ly/DPGs-Info-Integrity>

Submission form for Existing Open Source Solutions

Submission form for Open Source Concepts
Key messaging

About the campaign


   The Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA) and the United Nations
   Development Programme (UNDP), have joined forces, with support from the
   Omidyar Network and Craig Newmark Philanthropies to launch a campaign to
   source digital public goods that can help combat information pollution and
   restore information integrity that will be showcased at the Nobel Prize


   The Nobel Prize Summit will be supporting the DPG-sourcing campaign by
   providing a global platform where leading technologies and solutions will
   be presented.


   The Nobel Prize Summit is committed to advancing solutions that can
   address mis- and disinformation, which is why they strongly support and are
   aligned with the DPG-sourcing campaign and its organisers.


   An expert advisory panel, composed of professionals with experience
   working to combating information pollution globally, will be convened by
   co-chairs Alice Munyua, Senior Director, Africa Mradi at Mozilla
   Corporation and Nicole Tisdale, Principal, Advocacy Blueprints and former
   Director, The White House National Security Council, to evaluate and select
   the most promising submissions.

Why open source and digital public goods?


   At the heart of this campaign is the belief and vision that technology
   can be a powerful catalyst for positive change globally. Digital public
   goods, with their open-source nature, offer a unique opportunity to empower
   stakeholders all over the world to tackle the challenges posed by mis- and


   With transparency on how they have been built, including how privacy and
   other best practice features have been integrated, digital public goods can
   be a trustworthy tool for action at scale, helping to restore truth and
   rebuild trust.


   Maximising the potential of existing solutions is crucial in the battle
   against mis- and disinformation. Open-source solutions and digital public
   goods offer the flexibility to be adapted and quickly scaled to meet the
   needs of new contexts, especially in areas prone to misinformation and help
   build trust in the digital world.

Why apply?


   The individuals, organisations, and teams behind the selected digital
   public goods and concepts will receive financial compensation ranging from
   $5000 - $10000 USD. Additionally, their work will be showcased at the Nobel
   Prize Summit, with the goal of increasing their exposure, adoption, and
   ultimately, their impact.


   Beyond the Summit, particularly promising concepts and solutions will be
   offered opportunities to network to help further their development and

Apply now 👉 http://bit.ly/DPGs-Info-Integrity

Dr. R. Marie Santini
Associate Professor at the School of Communication
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil
Av. Pasteur, 250 – fundos, Urca, 22290902 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil
Founding member and Research Director of NetLab / UFRJ
Orcid: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0657-7217
Website: http://www.netlab.eco.ufrj.br

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